U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks with reporters during a press conference at Embassy Suites Historic Charleston on  Monday, Nov. 25, 2019, in Charleston. Gavin McIntyre/Staff

Poor Lindsey Graham.

It’s too bad he’s up for reelection at the same time as the president because our senior senator keeps getting dragged into national affairs. These days, he catches grief wherever he goes — just for trying to keep his job in trying times.

For instance, when he announces that he’s going to investigate whether Hunter Biden profited overseas from his father’s White House job, Twitter trolls him mercilessly. They ask if he’s also going to investigate President Donald Trump’s family members ... both the ones who work at the White House and the ones who do business overseas.

Just because he said, "If a Republican was in the same position, they’d certainly be investigated!"

That's not all. They call him “Lenigrad Lindsey” and a “hypocrite,” which is all very frustrating for the maverick-turned-manservant.

Why, during an appearance at Charleston’s Embassy Suites this week he couldn’t escape people yelling out that he was “spineless” and “appalling.”

And those may have been his supporters. It’s hard to tell these days.

It is also hard to tell when all these out-of-context Graham quotes flying around the internet were actually said. You'd have to be paying close attention to keep up. So, to see how well you follow the news, take our quiz: When did Lindsey say it?

“If you can't admire Joe Biden as a person then probably you've got a problem, you need to do some self-evaluation. ... He is as good a man as God ever created.”

a) In 2015

b) Monday

c) He will probably say this on Nov. 4, 2020

“I love Joe Biden as a person. He is a really decent man. He’s had a lot of tragedy in his life, but I have a conscience very clear right now.”

a) Monday

b) 2009

c) He will likely say this when the Senate Judiciary Committee ends its investigation

“If you could show me that, you know, Trump was actually engaging in a quid pro quo, outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing.”

a) Before Kurt Volker and Gordon Sondland testified

b) After Kurt Volker and Gordon Sondland testified

c) He will say this right after the June 2020 South Carolina Republican primary

“I don’t care what any bureaucrat says. I think this is a sham process. I think the substance is not worthy of an impeachment decision.”

a) November 2019

b) After Volker and Sondland testified

c) January 1999

“You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds.”

a) In 1999, when he was impeaching President Bill Clinton

b) Last week

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c) He will say this if the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump goes South

“It doesn’t have to be a crime. And I’m saying it now: It doesn’t have to be a crime.”

a) May 2019

b) January 1999

c) When the House finishes its impeachment inquiry of President Trump

“What I’m trying to do is have influence on a presidency that can do great things or make big mistakes.”

a) August 2019

b) January 2003

c) January 2017

“If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed ... and we will deserve it.”

a) May 3, 2016

b) At the Republican National Convention, July 2016

c) He will probably be saying this on Nov. 4, 2020


The correct answer to each question is "a" ... and maybe c.

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