Every week, I hunt for community events that can be duplicated in other areas, and highlight those great ideas for a neighborhood or a small area. I’m hoping that people will see an event they think fits their neighborhood and do something similar.

Of course, there is no better event than a town such as Summerville coming together to help those close to home.

On Monday, Mayor Bill Collins put his stamp on the “Summerville Cares Day of Service” projects that will happen April 21.

As of this week, more than 300 residents have signed up to work on 28 projects, including installation of a roof at Eagle Harbor Boys Ranch, painting facilities and relandscaping the Frances Willis SPCA, conducting food drives for Palmetto House and the SPCA, refinishing the theater stage at Summerville High School and landscaping the Seago Library.

Much like the Trident United Way’s Day of Caring that happens in the fall, this day of service is tackling projects that take many hands to get the work done.

The organizations that will benefit from this can’t afford to hire the number of people that will show up, and they feel an enormous lift from having a smaller, but nagging problem taken care of for them, or a boost from a food drive that allows them to help others.

Just imagine how high school students will feel when they get a chance to perform on that stage.

Like any good community effort, it takes leadership to make it happen, so in addition to Collins and the town of Summerville, a great group of leaders is supporting the effort: Rita Berry CEO of Summerville/Dorchester Chamber of Commerce, Joe Pye, superintendent of Dorchester County School District 2, E. Les Cooper, president of the 10 Lowcountry congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Larry Weatherford, president of The Weatherford Group.

And like any good community effort, just getting people to show up is half the work, and there are enough projects to go around.

If you like to plant flowers, join the group that is working on the beds at Azalea Park. If you like to wield a paintbrush, then help with the weather sealant for the play equipment at Gahagan Sports Complex.

You get the idea. You think you may not have great skills, but each of us can help in small ways. And you might get to know your neighbors in the process.

Summerville is the perfect place to feel like you will run into the person at church or at the grocery store long after you have forgotten the sore muscles.

If you want to sign up, have a project you want to have considered or would like to lead a team on a project, there is still time to volunteer.

Go to scdayofservice.org and take a look at what a single day can do. And yes, they still need some donations if that’s the way you want to help.

Reach Stephanie Harvin at 937-5557 or sharvin@postandcourier.com.