State Rep. Viers charged with harassing ex-girlfriend

Thad Viers

013Nineteen of the 29 employees who lost their jobs when Mercato this weekend shuttered for extensive renovations have been relocated to other Holliday Company properties. “We’re working to place the other employees,” adds spokeswoman Elise Reinemann, who confirms all of the staffers were offered Hank’s Seafood Restaurant, Peninsula Grill or DoubleTree Hotel positions which mirrored their Mercato jobs. According to Reinemann, the temporary closure was prompted by “significant water intrusion issues from neighboring buildings” on North Market Street. The restaurant was already considering renovations, but the severity of the water damage cinched it. Mercato plans to modernize its kitchen, upgrade its interior and install new environmental systems. But it’s not yet clear what kind of restaurant will emerge from the process.  Although Mercato has served Italian food since its 2007 opening, Reinemann says the future of the concept is “undecided at the moment.” A reopening date has not yet been determined, but Reinemann emphasizes the restaurant will return. she says.