[caption id="attachment_1001" align="alignleft" width="241"] Is it mere coincidence that Collins' official head shot looks eerily similar to the Chopped logo?[/caption] Among the local chefs hoping to score a competitor’s spot on Chopped is Circa 1886’s Marc Collins, who’s definitely not in it for the money. “Funny thing is, I had no idea the winner received ten grand,” says Collins, who was contacted by the Food Network show’s casting team. Chopped is now soliciting applications from professional and amateur Charleston chefs, and plans to conduct in-town interviews next month. “It just seemed like a good way to have fun and get some media attention for the restaurant at the same time.” Collins responded to the recruitment e-mail with a message saying he’d submitted an application two years ago, but never heard back. “She informed me that they may not have been using people from Charleston at that time, but they were this go-round, so she asked me to re-submit my application.” Collins says. He was also asked to help amplify the casting call through his social media accounts. Although Collins was a participant in the recent chef media training sponsored by the Convention & Visitors Bureau, he wasn’t thinking about the workshop when he decided to apply. If anything swayed him, he says, it was his competitive streak. “I never go into these things thinking I'll win,” he says. “I just hope I do well. But I will indeed cook my arse off should I be asked to appear on the show.” The deadline to apply online for Chopped consideration is Thanksgiving.