Thanksgiving has traditionally been a time for talented cooks to shine, and that may be especially true this year in Charleston as the holiday coincides with the deadline for Chopped applications. Professional chefs and talented amateurs interested in competing on the Food Network show are being invited to submit resumes and photos in advance of the production team's upcoming trip to Charleston. Although Thanksgiving 2013 is the official cut-off date for applications, sharp chefs will want to enter their materials sooner, since in-person interviews will be scheduled for the third week of November. Chopped is also conducting searches in New York, Portland and Seattle. The one-day show -- competitors aren't required to take leaves from their jobs or briefly abandon their families -- is slated to film in New York this spring. The top prize is $10,000. While cooks of all kinds are eligible for consideration, the show's casting director says she's looking for former military cooks, teenagers and amateur cooks for themed episodes. The online application is here.