The odds of what Jule Smith and Chuck Davis accomplished Monday at Bulls Bay Golf Club are astronomical, somewhere in the range of 17 million-to-1.

Playing the uphill 14th hole into a stiff breeze, first Smith and then Davis struck tee shots that found their way into the bottom of the cup 183 yards away. It was the third career hole-in-one for Smith, but his first in about 15 years. Davis, 60 and retired from the insurance business, made his first hole-in-one in January at Bulls Bay. The two witnesses were Larry Morris and Bruce Kinney.

"It was pretty wild, pretty crazy, pretty exciting," said Smith, 67, who is retired from DuPont. "I have never experienced anything like that. It was quite a lot of fun."

"The wind was blowing pretty good," said Davis, who was the last member of the foursome to hit. "Larry was the first to play and we could see his ball land on the front of the green. Bruce was the second and his ball bounced over to the right. The pin was on the left. There' a ridge in the middle of the green and the ball goes either left or right.

"Jule hit a 5-wood and his shot hit the ridge and took a left bounce, so we knew he ought to have a nice birdie try. I hit a 3-hybrid and it hit left of the pin on the hill and took a right bounce so we thought mine would be pretty close, too."

Smith and Davis were walking that day while Morris and Kinney were riding in a cart. Morris and Kinney arrived at the green first and spotted only two balls. Smith said the first impression was that perhaps his shot and Davis' shot had run over the green, but Morris walked over to the flag and looked down in the cup. He raised two fingers, and at first Davis thought that meant he had made a hole-in-one because he was playing a Titleist 2 golf ball.

"Then we heard Bruce say something about two balls. Jule and I got to the top of the hill and Bruce said 'You have to see this!' We both went over and looked down and there were two golf balls. Larry got his camera phone and took a picture, then took a picture of Jule and me on each side of the flag," Davis said.

After things settled down, Morris managed to sink his birdie putt while Kinney three-putted for a bogey. Davis, who plays to a 4-handicap, shot 76. Smith, who carries a 10 handicap, shot 83.

Golf Digest asked Dr. Frances Scheid, a retired chairman of the math department at Boston University, to calculate hole-in-one odds. Scheid came up with the odds of an average golfer making a hole-in-one at 2,000 to 1; the odds of two golfers in the same foursome making an ace were calculated at 17 million-to-1.

Novak tied for second

Taylor Andrew Novak of Mount Pleasant shot 76-71--147 and tied for second in the boys' 15-19 age group of the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour's Upstate Junior Classic played at Cobb's Glen Country Club in Anderson.

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