Exercise while watching TV

Instead of being a total couch potato, try sitting on a stability ball while watching television or doing light exercises during commercial breaks.

Former James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey has a date with Secretary of State Mark Hammond at 11 a.m. Monday.

No word yet on who's buying lunch.

That's when Woolsey, also the chairman of Free James Island, is scheduled to deliver a petition for the fourth incorporation of the town of James Island.

Because the first three times worked out so well.

But for those scoring at home, this may be the one that sticks.

Gonna get it right this time

Charleston, perhaps tired of the legal battle, has given Free James Island a blueprint for how to have a successful incorporation. As part of the plan, they agreed to not include Riverland Terrace, Woodland Shores, Laurel Park and Dogwood Park.

That still leaves them with 11,821 people, about a third the size of Goose Creek, but about 50 percent bigger than Moncks Corner's 7,885.

The funding for the latest incorporation has come from individual donations as well as a bake sale-garage sale, and a donation jar at their legal firm.

Hard to imagine Mount Pleasant starting out with a bake sale fundraiser. This is where you're expecting some mean-spirited comment about how a Mount Pleasant fundraiser would involve wine and cheese instead of cookies and brownies. So, there you go.

They've raised about $13,000 toward their goal of $20,000, which they need for elections for incorporation, and maybe rent another pizza parlor for the next town hall.

That's not Fort Dorchester High School scoreboard money, but it's not too shabby either.

Same as it ever was

Everything will be the way it was before, and that's probably the ultimate goal.

The same services. The same confusion over who's supposed to respond to crime, the city or county. The same tax rebates, probably the most unsavory aspect of the town, because its residents get a windfall from everybody else's taxes.

One thing will be different: They'll have to change the unofficial town slogan. If the recently re-elected mayor of Charleston sticks to his promise that this is his final term, those "The town that loves to hate Joe Riley" T-shirts are going to look kind of silly come November 2015.

But it would be great if the town could evolve beyond that, into a pro-something instead of anti-something mindset.

People who want a separate town made it clear they want to preserve their unique way of life, not lose the rural island feel, but that sometimes comes out as "We don't want Folly Road to be Savannah Highway."

Which is OK. Everybody needs something to rally against. Though it's kind of after the fact if anybody in wannabe JI Version 4 has driven on Folly Road at any time, ever.

But maybe, just maybe, this time the town will focus inward instead of outward.

Good luck James Island.