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Gene Sapakoff column: It's not just fantasy football league championships that make this columnist qualified to get South Carolina's offensive coordinator gig; he also called a play for the Gamecocks this season that gained 14 yards, much better than the team average

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How many times have you heard that question since fall began? How many times have you passed your nearest drug store or the pharmacy counter in the grocery store without getting that shot?

Maintaining a relationship post-kids isn’t for the faint of heart. The stresses of life make it harder to relax around each other and when times get tough, it’s easy to take your spouse for granted. 

Clemson’s self-described “most iconic structure” remains a blight on a great university. The building highlighted by a distinctive clock tower was completed in 1893 and in 1946 was named for a politician widely considered unusually racist even during the heart of a Jim Crow era infamous for institutional segregation.

Pigskin Picks: Starring Adam Gorlitsky, a paralyzed 32-year-old Wando High School and University of South Carolina graduate who founded igotlegs.org to help bridge the gap between "able-bodied and physically challenged" people, and who plans to do the Charleston Marathon in January.

Gene Sapakoff column: A close-call in Chapel Hill was the best thing that could have happened to Clemson this season, and the Tigers owe North Carolina head coach Mack Brown a College Football Playoff ring for the fifth consecutive appearance that looks like a lock