As a rule of thumb, honey is generally left alone the first year so the bees have plenty for the winter. But after consulting a few mentors, we decided to make some room in the hive while leaving plenty of honey for the colony.

We do not recommend running with your dog this time of year. Even in the coolest parts of the day, it is hard for them to maintain their body temperature in our humid environment. Take a break over the summer and wait for fall, winter and spring.

June 2020: The month the coronavirus grabbed us again, the month George Floyd’s death plunged us into the furnace of change. The month we confronted vulnerability, brutality, confusion, deep loss, radical challenge. May it be a turning point in our story.

A mid-year checkup in the year of the pandemic shows that most South Carolina-based stocks held up quite well in the second quarter, in step with the broader rally in the U.S. financial markets.

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The civil rights de facto anthem "We Shall Overcome," which was popularized by 1960s folk singers like Pete Seeger and Joan Baez, can trace its roots as a protest song back to the Charleston Cigar Factory strike, when workers repurposed the gospel hymn.

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It will always be our days that count: plural days, not singular. That means that in the case of our pandemic, the days of 2020 are only temporary. These months do not have to define our lives.

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There has never been a better time in this nation to listen to the stories being offered by communities of color, whether through books, friends or the media. So, this week, instead of expressing frustration on social media toward Black Lives Matter, I am challenging you tune in. Listen to the painful narrative being shared.

These past few weeks, our nation, even our world, was consumed with the tragic news of George Floyd, the unarmed black man killed when ex-policeman Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck during an arrest. As a columnist, I would like to voice my strongest protest of what can only be described as murder. However, as a person of faith, my protest must begin by searching my own heart.

One of the added joys of gardening is finding ruby-throated hummingbirds visiting flowers from spring to fall. These perky birds have universal appeal as they zip around, hover while feeding and show off their metallic green and magenta-red feathers.

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