While there are at least three vegetable diseases called “black rot,” including a rot of pumpkins and a rot of sweet potatoes, I am the only bacterial black rot. The importance of this crucial difference will become apparent later.

A friend’s unmarried brother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she is his only family. He needs to be in assisted living but is very resistant to leaving his home, where increasingly she is becoming his caretaker. She feels the kaleidoscope of her life turn; the pattern of her days is changing, today a little, tomorrow big-time.

Last winter, my wife and I went to Honduras for three months to help our daughter in a small, grassroots nonprofit called the Chispa Project. One night as we left a restaurant, a man followed us to our car. “Por favor,” he said, handing my daughter a note. “PLEASE, can you help me get to America?” the note said. It was signed with a name and phone number. Do you ever wonder what makes them take the risk?

One of the more common conditions for which I (Perry Jameson) see pets is diarrhea, specifically chronic diarrhea that has not responded to any therapy. Before a patient sees me, they have already been to the family doctor and had preliminary testing as well as several attempts at therapy without success. What this also means is that the diarrhea has usually been going on for several months so everyone is ready for it to stop.

People who know me just a little bit quickly realize I’m not a crusader and rarely latch on to causes. It’s just not my style and I’m much more comfortable watching from the wings while offeri…

People who move to South Carolina from other states — and there are lots of those — are often surprised to get property tax bills for their cars and trucks.