On Halloween Day, I delivered a speech in the student chapel service at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Mo. My topic was “What Really Scares Me.” The speech was an expanded version of an October column I’d written on the same theme. The irony of my chosen subject wasn’t lost on me given my weak knees on stage. I was battling one of the most common of all terrors: glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. 

Words do matter — but actions speak louder. I’ve got a story to tell you today. A story that won’t reveal the man’s identity, because he says he doesn’t want the publicity. I will tell it, eve…

Gene Sapakoff column: While the SEC has benefited from South Carolina's 2017 Final Four run, the Gamecocks have not. If last year’s 17-16 finish and no postseason appearance was the post-Final Four norm, empty seats eventually will dictate change. If it was part of a short rebuilding phase, CLA will start rocking again soon.

This column is usually about what you can do to help your pet live a long and healthy life. More and more research, however, is revealing that by interacting with pets, they can do the same for us in return.

With trick-or-treaters donning their scariest costumes in just a handful of days, I propose we play a version of the game "20 Questions." I introduce these questions under the heading, “What is it that really frightens you?”

Jose had come to the United States from Mexico with his dad to find work, which they did in the fields on Johns Island. In spite of their tenuous condition, when they saw Nigel, a 3- or 4-month-old stray Lab-shepherd mix wandering on Maybank Highway, they did not turn away. 

Before we vote for the candidate with Jesus in his or her pocket or the one kneeling with a televangelist under glaring camera lights, maybe we should think this through. Let’s pause to ask two questions concerning the candidate who publicly professes religion.

What a sham. Charleston Southern was hit with NCAA penalties for eligibility and bookstore violations over six years, but it all amounts to the ruling body of college athletics coming down with its arbitrary hammer while bigger fish - such as North Carolina basketball - are allowed to swim away unpunished.