Steve Potts - Charleston Choices - Auto,Rv and Boat column

Steve Potts Provided 

It’s one of those gorgeous sunny days. A crisp blue sky. The sunlight dances off the top of the water. The breeze is brushing across your cheek. You take a deep breath … the salt air is inviting. And you’re answering the call by boarding your boat and plotting a plan of action.

So, what is that plan for today? Did you decide to take the kids out for some fun on the tube and a beachside picnic at Folly Beach? Are you packing the cooler and bait wells at the marina, heading out to wet some lines offshore with your buddies? Maybe you’re planning a nice dinner cruise over to Shem Creek at sunset with that special someone for a date night excursion?

What I’ve learned from my time here, raising my family, is that the possibilities in a boat are endless. From the irreplaceable memories you get to make with your crew, like watching your child beam as he or she lands their very first fish, to historic, scenic destinations within easy reach such as Fort Sumter and Battery Park that you can share an important part of history with the grandkids. Being on the water is a whole other world of adventure, and it’s a world we are so lucky to have right here in the Lowcountry.

I started to say we’re lucky to have this world right here in our backyard … but the word “backyard” doesn’t really do it justice. As picturesque and opportunity-rich as our waterways are, it’s really our “front yard.” Or rather, our “porch.” Our porch to the world. Because a porch is inviting. It’s the entrance to your home. It’s where you relax, tell stories, make memories, enjoy the breeze, welcome visitors and reflect on how lucky we are to reside in this great part of the South.

Our waterways, whether it be the Charleston Harbor, the Wando, Cooper and Ashley Rivers, the backwater inlets around Daniel Island, or any number of estuaries and tributaries we have the ability to navigate with our vessels, are all part of our front porch.

Recreational boating is vital to our way of life here in the Charleston area. Not just because it’s a way we choose to relax or enjoy the outdoors, but also for our economy. Our local tradesmen and women who have spent years honing their boat building craft are helping to infuse live into our local economy.

Recreational boating creates jobs, helps people build careers, supports our local economy here in the tri-county area and across this great state of South Carolina. And, we’re building boats that help people elevate their well-being and lifestyle across the nation and the world.

When it comes to making a plan for today, you have many choices. But I would certainly encourage you to consider recreational boating as your go-to activity. And whether you’re a first time boater or a seasoned captain, there are endless opportunities for you to get out and enjoy that precious time out on the water. Right here off our front porch.

Steve Potts, who loves to spend his free time on the water, is a recreational boat building veteran in the marine industry. He started building boats in his early teens. He’s the CEO & Founder of Summerville-based Scout Boats.