Jessica Crouch put a message in a bottle, and it spoke to the organizers of the 2012 BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival.

Crouch's design of forks in the shape of a wine bottle won the festival's poster contest and $1,000 as the top entry. The festival, which unveiled the poster Wednesday night, said Crouch is the first female winner of the contest.

The design also incorporates the No. 7, which the festival encouraged as its lucky number in its seventh year.

Crouch said of her work, "By creating an array of stylized forks collaged together to make the shape of a wine bottle, I was able to capture the various unique tastes of the festival in a simple icon that is easily recognizable."

Crouch is from West Virginia and has been living and working as a graphic designer in Charleston for more than six years.

She has worked with clients including Lowcountry AIDS Services and Pet Helpers. She also won a 2011 Silver Addy from the Advertising Federation of Charleston.