Youngster B Side

Charleston four-piece Youngster recorded four songs with B-Side Sessions this summer from upcoming album "Rosa's Cantina." 

Originally formed as a solo venture of Blake Ratliffe in 2010, four-piece Charleston pop rock band Youngster has evolved into a full-fledged soundscape highlighted by melodic guitar, commanding vocals and vibrant percussion. 

Now on Coast Records, the group, spearheaded by Ratliffe and fellow core songwriter Daniel Truncellito, is planning to release a full-length album titled "Rosa's Cantina" later this year. It will be a followup to EP "Extended Play," which was recorded in 2015 by Charleston's Wolfgang Zimmerman and mastered at Columbia's Archer Avenue.

B-Side Sessions recorded an extended session with Youngster at Truphonic Studios this summer, led by videographer Taylor Hickman, engineer Elliot Elsey, producer Mel Washington and second videographer Michael Pronzato. Matt Zutell, who also plays drums in Youngster and owns Coast Records, did the mixing. 

This first video features songs "Every Night" and "Gato" from the upcoming album. There will also be a second video released later on featuring tracks "Real Time" and "Where Your Woman Lies." 

"Both videos give listeners a scope into the musical range of the upcoming album and our sound," says Ratliffe. 

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