Avi Jacob (copy)

Avi Jacob plays a new song during the newest B-Side Sessions video. 

Singer/songwriter and acoustic guitar player Avi Jacob is the star of the most recent B-Side Sessions, a Charleston Scene video series that highlights live sessions at local studios and various locations with Charleston musicians.

Taylor Hickman, the videographer, has been releasing videos with Charleston Scenes since last fall but has had a hiatus while working on getting new equipment. He's back this week with Avi Jacob's performance of "Pickup Truck" at Fairweather Studio on James Island. 

The emotional ballad was premiered in American Songwriter magazine, where he discusses his rural New England upbringing and the deeply personal lyrics of the new song. 

“I was laying in bed when I got the call that my father had died in Nashville,” Jacob says. “I wrote this song for my father. It’s about my guilt for not being around more when he was sick. It’s about my guilt over him having to struggle and sell his truck to help me out of trouble many years ago. It’s about my guilt over leaving my sister and stepmother to grieve alone because I was on drugs and only concerned with my next high. It’s about my guilt over not being a better son. It is a plea for forgiveness from a place none can ever come.”

Learn more about Avi Jacob at facebook.com/avijacob or at skatemountain.com

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