It's no fun being sick as a dog.

With a broken pelvis, Twinkle Toes the basset hound, who was brought to Charleston earlier this month by the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue, is on crate rest for six to eight weeks.

She's not allowed to play, can't run the fence with the other dogs, and TV holds no interest — not even Animal Planet. On those rare instances she gets outside for some fresh air and a leash-walk, Twinkle makes it clear she's not ready to think inside the box.

"She doesn't want to come in. She just lays down with her legs stretched out," said Pauline Grimball, one of her foster caregiver.

They call that move the "flat basset."

An animal shelter in North Carolina got Twinkle Toes after she was hit by a car.

Workers there could not put the dog down, so they called the Basset Hound Rescue, a nonprofit organization that has helped more than 1,000 dogs find homes in the last dozen years.

A volunteer flew to North Carolina to pick up Twinkle Toes, brought her back here for surgery and recuperation. After the vets looked at her, they found there was little they could do: There's no operation to cure a fractured pelvis. So for now, her foster family just has to keep her from running or playing and possibly aggravating her injury.

She doesn't appear to be in much pain, but sometimes her leg swells. She has heart worms but will have to get her strength back before that malady can be treated.

"We're just real excited that she's healing up well and doesn't have to undergo surgery," said Susan Baughman, president of the rescue center. "We've had a couple of inquiries. When she's ready for adoption, someone will want her."

Grimball says Twinkle Toes is a sweetheart, even when she pulls a "flat basset."

"They're very stubborn at times, but they are funny dogs," Grimball said. "She is very affectionate. She's going to make someone a real good dog."

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