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Venus Williams was in Charleston, and she played foosball at the Recovery Room Tavern. file/Kathy Willens/AP

Venus Williams was playing a different sport than might be expected when she visited Charleston recently. 

The tennis star was spotted last Wednesday night at the foosball table at the Recovery Room Tavern, the popular bar on King Street famous for selling the most 12-ounce PBR cans in the world. 

According to Recovery Room bartender Chris "Bonner" Clark, Williams and her boyfriend came in and had one round of drinks and played three rounds of foosball against some bar regulars. 

"They were super friendly but left once we started to pick up," Clark says. 

Those regulars were Charleston locals Scott Swindles and his girlfriend, Anna Brown. It was a couples' match off the court and on the table. 

Swindles says it was quite the random encounter, but they chatted casually about the other local bars Williams and her boyfriend were visiting while in town. They had mentioned doing karaoke at Big Gun Burger Shop on Calhoun Street.

"To be honest, we didn't really acknowledge that she was famous," Swindles says. "It was just a regular bar conversation." 

Swindles says Williams was doing her "signature grunt" while at the foosball table as she got into the game. However, she didn't prove quite as skilled at foosball as she is at tennis. 

Williams and her boyfriend lost all three games they played, Swindles says.

"It doesn't surprise me that she would come to Rec Room," Swindles says. "It's the best spot in Charleston."

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