When my husband, Asher, and I decided that we wanted to move to a new city from Alexandria, Virginia, there was no question where we would end up.

It’s no accident that Charleston repeatedly gets voted as the best city in the US. But, perhaps what makes Charleston so remarkable is its penchant for pushing the rules while still honoring tradition.


Celebrities including Beyonce and members of the Kardashian clan have sported piece from Taxidermy.

As the city expands, new residents arrive, and tourism continues, it would be easy for the essence of Charleston to become muddled or convoluted, and yet it seems the opposite has happened. Our city’s rich history of empowerment, diverse cultures, industry, ambition, beauty and triumph all remain at the forefront, never forgotten, as we forge new and innovative paths for the city.

Most notably, this fusion can be seen in Charleston’s prevalent fashion scene. Both on and off the peninsula house a myriad of stores that encompass a broad range of styles, making our city a major shopping destination. From crisp bowties and formal wear, to raw hems and distressed jeans - Charleston indeed does harbor them all. And to top it off, every year our love and appreciation of local style is made manifest during Charleston Fashion Week. This five-day event celebrates that essence of our city that cannot be lost: empowerment, diversity, ambition, beauty, triumph.

Charleston’s fashion industry also fosters a community of female empowerment. Countless women have carved out their own spaces in the fashion scene showcasing their creative strengths; whether it be opening up a carefully curated storefront, designing bohemian jewelry, or becoming a prevalent social media influencer, these local women use this community as a platform to express themselves and lift up fellow Girl Bosses. 


Among my favorites are Tara Langdale of @misstarabelle, a local blogger with an unique, edgy style. I’m a fan of her street style looks that mix high and low -- vintage T-shirts and ripped Levis paired with a statement bag or shoe. She also juggles being a mom to three boys and always makes looking pulled together look easy.

I'm also a fan of Alden DeHart, the brains behind one-year-old downtown shop Maris DeHart. I love how she styles her store in chic black and white with pops of color and metallics. She's constantly getting new inventory in, but keeps favorites in stock. She also keeps price points very accessible so you can go home with a bunch of new closet staples.

As the owner and designer of Taxidermy, a luxury handbag and accessories brand, I too draw inspiration from the city and my peers. While paying homage to classic styles and silhouettes, we also push the envelope with exotic leathers, textures, and bold new styles. 

Though my bags and accessories have been seen on celebrities and influencers throughout the country, I continue to look within my community for inspiration. Taxidermy, much like Charleston, is ever evolving. My collections are a reflection of my personal experiences, and as my line evolves and expands, so too will my affinity for this city and the people in it.

Amy Driggers is the owner of Taxidermy.

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