"What's the sitch?"

That's the catch phrase spoken by animated Disney Channel super spy Kim Possible in the four-season television series that aired 2002-07. And it's the same phrase that will be spoken by 16-year-old South Carolina actress Sadie Stanley in the upcoming live-action reboot. 

The new Disney Channel original movie, premiering Feb. 15, stars Stanley, who grew up in Columbia, and Sean Giambrone (Adam Goldberg in ABC show "The Goldbergs") as Ron Stoppable, with his naked mole rat (yes, that's a thing) sidekick, Rufus.

Kim Possible art

The iconic character Kim Possible is being brought to life by Columbia resident and actress Sadie Stanley in the upcoming live-action Disney Chanel Original Movie "Kim Possible." 

This is Stanley's first Disney Channel role and it was also her first big audition. 

"I felt a little out of my league," Stanley admits of the audition. "But I was so excited for the opportunity and went into it with attitude of 'I’m going to have fun and do my best and nothing will probably come out of it but at least I’m here.' "

Then, four weeks later, she got the call back and nine weeks later, she booked the role.

Stanley initially took the two-week trip to Los Angeles with her mom for the audition thinking it would just be a good networking opportunity. She never expected she would extend that stay by months and live out her dream right away of becoming a Disney Channel actor, joining the ranks of Miley Cyrus of "Hannah Montana," Zac Efron of "High School Musical," Zendaya of "Shake it Up" and so many more current stars. 

Stanley's dream of acting began in Columbia, where she says not a lot of other people are pursuing acting as a career. She had a desire to break out. When she was in middle school, she was already telling her friends that she wanted to be an actress and she wanted to be on the Disney Channel. 

"Every 13-year-old wants to be on Disney Channel, so at first my parents didn’t take me too seriously," Stanley says. "But then they realized I wasn’t going to let it go."

And so, she joined community theater Columbia Children's Theatre, to start on the path to her dream. There, she gained confidence and starred in a variety of plays and musicals. Yet, she wanted something greater than a role in community theater. She wanted to be on the big screen.

She remembers coming home after rehearsals and Googling "How do I become an actress." Fast forward to getting signed to an agency in L.A., booking the Disney Channel role and her mom quitting her job to stay with Stanley among the glistening Hollywood neon lights. 

"The whole course of my life has completely changed for the better," Stanley says. "All of my dreams are coming true currently."

She got to shoot the "Kim Possible" movie in Vancouver, and learned a lot: her lines, how to shoot scenes out of order (unlike chronological stage productions), how to handle stunts and more.

Though she couldn't recall when "Kim Possible" originally aired, she remembered seeing the reruns. Once she got the gig, she went back and watched as many episodes as she could. 

"I didn't want to stray from the original show too much, but I also didn't want to be a carbon copy of the cartoon," she says. "In the live-action movie, you get to see her be a little bit more vulnerable, more relatable, not so perfect all the time." 

Once she began filming, Stanley got to know her new Disney Channel family better, too. When she first announced her role, she received messages from other Disney Channel actors congratulating her, and she's gotten to meet many of them in person. 

She also got to share the good news with her friends back in Columbia. Even though they're miles apart, she still keeps them a part of her daily life.

"My friends are the best," Stanley says. "They were there from the beginning and were with me through entire audition process. I called them and filled them in, and they freaked out with me. Our relationship hasn’t changed."

And while for some it might be hard to leave one's hometown to chase a dream, for Stanley it has been a thrilling whirlwind.

"I remember growing up watching so many great shows on Disney Channel," Stanley says. "Now I get to be that for a new generation of kids. That really freaks me out. I’m going to be someone else’s childhood."

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