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Walter Brown performed at this year's SXSW music festival and conference in Austin, Texas. 

For the Charleston music scene, big corporation names like Sony rarely exist as a viable possibility. However, local rapper Walter Brown has managed to tap into the vast conglomeration that includes labels such as Columbia, Epic and RCA Records. 

Though he hasn't officially been signed to any of those labels, Sony will be distributing the local rapper's upcoming album "IMOW (In My Own World)." The album, which has been a year in the works, has a release date of June 30.

As a part of the distribution deal, Sony will handle digital streaming promotion and marketing. They'll be pitching his music for films and commercials along with securing placement on online playlists.

In the age of digital music consumption, these tactics are vital to getting music heard by the right people and ultimately making money for artists. 

"I was one of the artists they decided to take a chance on, and I'm excited to see what comes from it," says Brown, who recently performed at Austin music festival SXSW. "I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, because you know how these things go, but I am taking a step in the right direction." 

Brown's "in," so to speak, came from his business connection with Anthony Bucher of Hitmaker Services, a company focused on building streams and digital awareness for music. 

Sony, along with Atlantic, Universal, RCA, Warner, 300, eOne and other huge names in the industry are Hitmaker clients.

"Depending on how it goes, anything is possible," says Brown. 

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