Youth Model

Youth Model premieres "Symmetry" with Charleston Scene. 

Youth Model is premiering a brand new track with Charleston Scene and what may be its only single of 2018. 

"We've changed things up a bit this year," says drummer Randy Borawski. "We decided instead of releasing an EP or full-length, we'd release only a single at a time."

The band, originally based in Columbia back in 2013, is now at home here in Charleston and experimenting with booking less tour dates but hitting the ground running specifically surrounding song releases.

Youth Model will thus play a show at The Royal American in support of this release of "Symmetry" on Feb. 15. 

"'Symmetry' is basically about not letting fear and trepidation pull you away from having close relationships with people, whether that be your spouse, girlfriend or friends even when things get messy," says Borawski. "We all know relating to people can be a challenge sometimes."

The next time Youth Model will play is in June, when the band is attempting to book between six to nine dates as closely together as the shows they have scheduled for February. 

"We're experimenting to see if this helps with draw or name recognition as opposed to playing sporadic gigs throughout the whole year," says Borawski. "It's a little more of a concentrated effort."

The Youth Model lineup includes Borawski, singer/songwriter Matt Holmes, who graduated from The Citadel in 2007, and guitarist Ben Kerley, who hopped on board the project in 2017. 

"Despite Matt's first instrument being drums, he's not really into telling me what to play on the songs he writes," says Borawski. "He gives us demos with him playing drums, singing and playing guitar. Then, I take the spirit of what he does and make it my own. Ben adds his sizzle, as we like to call it, on top of that." 

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