Dead Swells

Dead Swells premieres "By the C" with Charleston Scene. 

Dead Swells, a Columbia band featured in our 10 South Carolina albums of August piece in 2017, started with some demos that singer/songwriter Paul Nederostek recorded at Archer Avenue Studio. Three of the songs on the five-piece indie psych rock band's debut EP were already complete before an actual band was even formed.

Now, Dead Swells— vocalist and guitarist Paul Nederostek, guitarist Adam Lee Haltiwanger, keyboardist Luke Reeves, bassist Ben Moody and drummer Joseph Lansburg— is coming out with a new disc by the end of the summer and dropping a single to keep things fresh.

Charleston Scene has the exclusive premiere, along with an Q&A with Nederostek.

Q: How did the band come to be post-demo recording?

A: I showed the songs to Adam Haltiwanger first, and he was the one who actually put the band together. Then we rehearsed for several months before we played our first show. Our main goal now is focused on writing. We're hoping to have a full album done by the end of summer.

Q: What is the inspiration behind "By the C?" 

A: "By the C" is a breakup song, simply put. My ex-girlfriend and I always joked about playing shows as a duo, and how our name would be "Paul by the C," because her name starts with a "C." We had just moved to Charleston, so it became a play on words: like Paul by the sea. That's the story behind the title. But the song is a big jump sonically for Dead Swells, and we’re really pumped for everyone to hear it.

Q: What was the most influential concert you ever attended?

A: I saw Father John Misty a couple years ago. I didn't expect much going in, which I think is a good thing sometimes, because then you have more of an opportunity to be blown away. I also didn't drink at all, before or during his show, which is definitely why I remember it so well. But wow, it was amazing. His stage presence was probably the most influential part. I've seen Tame Impala a handful of times too, and of course that's always incredible.

Q: So what do people need to know about Dead Swells?

A: Dead Swells really works hard at the form and structure of each song, and we give each member integral parts to perform. We put a lot of care and hard work into our sound, and we’re especially excited about doing more of that in the vein of this new tune!

Dead Swells is playing a $5 show  at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 7 at Indah Coffee in Columbia. They'll be in Charleston on May 18 with Cole Collins for the $10 Rare Creatures album release show at The Royal American. 

"By the C" will be available on all streaming services Saturday. 

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