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Jasine Beck mixes an In Good Spirit eggnog cocktail at The Cocktail Club.


Do you have friends and/or family visiting this holiday season?

Stumped about where to take them for unusual cocktails that aren't of the same ol' vodka-and-soda variety?

We at Charleston Scene did the work for you, so you can do less deliberating and more, well, drinking.

Whether you're searching for a decadent, eggnog-inspired cocktail or something light and savory, there are lots of options to choose from.

Happy holidays!

And remember to call a cab.

479 King St., 724-9411, www.thecocktailclubcharleston.com

The Cocktail: Trace of Chocolate

Ingredients: Buffalo Trace Bourbon, St. Germain, apple juice, Aztec chocolate bitters, lemon juice

Inventor: John Kalo, bar manager

The Cocktail: In Good Spirit

Ingredients: 10 Cane rum, Hennessy Black, holiday spiced syrup, eggnog, nutmeg

Inventor: Jasmine Beck, partner and beverage director

The Lowdown: "Basically, John wanted to create a chocolate cocktail that wasn't an overly sweet, dessert-like drink," Beck said. "And I came up with In Good Spirit. I wanted to make an eggnog cocktail that even men could enjoy, or anyone else who doesn't usually drink eggnog. But this drink is lightweight and not too sugary."

Price Tags: $9 for In Good Spirit, $10 for Trace of Chocolate

How Long They'll Be Around: Both drinks will be available until the end of winter.

Special Holiday Hours: Open on Christmas Eve.

1067 E. Montague Ave., North Charleston, 225-2675, www.corkbistro.com

The Cocktail: Hibiscus Tulip Kiss

Ingredients: Prosecco, hibiscus, either pomegranate liqueur or Grand Marnier depending on customer's choice

Inventor: Tradd Gibbs, owner

The Lowdown: "When we first opened a couple of winters ago, we put this drink on our cocktail menu," Gibbs said. "It's a very festive drink for the holidays, including New Year's Eve. It's also a good twist on a regular glass of champagne."

Price Tag: $7.50, but it depends on what liqueur you choose to put in it.

How Long It'll Be Around: Through the winter season.

563 King St. downtown, 573-7505, www.homcharleston.com

The Cocktail: Smashing Pumpkin Martini

Ingredients: Pumpkin-infused vodka, amaretto, egg whites, a splash of milk, shaved cinnamon

Inventor: Shay McDonald, chef

The Lowdown: "I wanted to use the pumpkin vodka for the holidays, and create something that tastes like a bite of pie," McDonald said. "The amaretto makes it frothy, and gives it a nice flavor."

Price Tag: $6

How Long It'll Be Around: Through the winter.

Special Holiday Hours: 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Christmas Eve

15 Beaufain St., 793-2230, http://eatatleaf.com

The Cocktail: Cider Jack

Ingredients: Jack Daniel's hard cider, apple liqueur, cinnamon

Inventor: Cole Erdmen, co-owner

The Lowdown: "I started making this drink at home," Erdmen said. "I never much cared for sweet, heavy drinks. This is a good alternative to that. It's also very seasonal with the cinnamon and apple."

Price Tag: $8

How long It'll Be Around: Through January

Special Holiday Hours: Open on Christmas Eve.

90 Folly Road, 766-0323, http://themedbistro.com

The Cocktail: The Skinny Christmas Tree

Ingredients: Vodka, muddled cucumber, plum nectar, simple syrup, champagne topper

Inventor: Aaron Pauole, bar manager

The Lowdown: "Every now and then, I visit Earth Fare, since they're just a few doors down, and check out potential organic ingredients for my bar creations," Pauole said. "I come back with new ideas, and this was one of them. People are into 'skinny' cocktails lately, and this one has holiday flair."

Price Tag: $7

How Long It'll Be Around: Through January

Special Holiday Hours: Open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Christmas Eve.

10 Linguard St., 534-2155, www.tristandining.com

The Cocktail: The Sparkling Charleston Cosmopolitan

Ingredients: Vodka, Grand Marnier, white peach puree, white cranberry juice, Prosecco, lemon, blood orange wheel as garnish

The Cocktail: The Woodford Reserve Cocktail

Ingredients: Woodford Reserve, Galliano, sweet vermouth, cinnamon maple syrup, lemon

The Cocktail: Gingerbread Martini

Ingredients: American Honey, Kahlua, Domaine de Canton, Tuaca, cream, sugared vanilla bean as garnish.

Inventor: Ken Maciejewski, bar manager

The Lowdown: "We wanted drinks that were festive for the holiday season without being cheesy," Maciejewski said. "These are approachable cocktails that could interest anyone. And they're definitely for adults. Two of them, the Gingerbread Martini and the Charleston Cosmopolitan, were featured in the December issue of Southern Living magazine."

Price Tags: $9 each for the Charleston Cosmo and the Gingerbread Martini; $8 for the Woodford Cocktail.

How Long They'll Be Around: The Charleston Cosmo and the Woodford through the winter, and the Gingerbread Martini until January

15 Magnolia Road, 769-0228,http://voodootikibar.com

The Cocktail: Apple Pie Martini

Ingredients: Apple pie- infused vodka, whipped cream vodka

The Cocktail: Peppermint Patty Martini

Ingredients: Candy cane-infused vodka, creme de cocoa, candy cane shavings

Inventor: Caroline Adams, bar manager

The Lowdown: "It all started two years ago when I made a pumpkin-infused vodka for Thanksgiving," Adams said. "People loved it! So I kept on going with the holiday-themed infusions and creations. I just made the candy cane vodka for the first time."

Price Tags: $9 each

How Long They'll Be Around: Through January

2037 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., 766-6331, www.zenasianrestaurant.com

The Cocktail: German Chocolate Cake Martini

Ingredients: Coconut rum, Frangelico, Hiram Walker Creme de Cocoa, a splash of cream

The Cocktail: Strazberry Truffle

Ingredients: Strawberry creme, ChocoVine Raspberry, a splash of cream, fresh strawberry

The Cocktail: Mint Chip

Ingredients: Hiram Walker Dark Creme de Cocoa, Hiram Walker Creme de Menthe, vanilla vodka, a splash of cream

Inventor: James Jiang, general manager

The Lowdown: "My idea was that people usually want dessert after dinner -- something sweet on their palate -- but they usually are too full for cake or pastry. So I designed these as 'dessert' martinis," Jiang said. "You can order these as a flight, or as a single drink -- full size or mini."

Price Tags: $7 for single martini, $10 for a flight, $4 for mini-version of single martini

How long They'll Be Around: "They're so popular, I don't plan to take the flight option away, but we'll change the drinks with the seasons," Jiang said. "These flavors will last through the winter."

Special Holiday Hours: Open until 11 p.m. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.