Box (copy)

Richard "Box" Bachschmidt was a radio DJ and morning talk show host at 105.5 The Bridge who then started his own podcast after leaving the station earlier this year. He died in June. Provided/Paul Chelmis

We can't talk about Charleston podcasts without mentioning one of the biggest voices in local radio, the late Richard "Box" Bachschmidt, who started his own podcast earlier this year after quitting his 8-year run at 105.5 The Bridge and 98 Rock. 

His podcast, Box in the Morning, was an extension of his radio show, which featured interviews with local musicians, entrepreneurs and other Chucktown creatives. 

Box, who died in late June, wasn't just a podcast host, though. He was a friend to those he barely knew, sharing cigarettes at the bar or talking about his favorite Swedish rock band, Ghost, with strangers. And he was always willing to give those he encountered a platform to talk about what mattered to them. 

Box was on my former podcast, The Fringe, and I got to know him a little while hanging out for a few hours, chatting about music and laughing profusely. He soon invited me onto his podcast (we were now officially "podcast pals," he said) and we talked more and laughed more. 

We even discussed making Charleston Scene more of a permanent fixture on his podcast with weekly coverage.

Box left us all too soon. He was found dead in his car near his podcast studio in Mount Pleasant. It was unexpected; Box was known to struggle with depression despite all the smiles he shared with locals through the years.

Charleston reacted by pouring out some serious love for the guy who had always poured out love for us, including me, someone he had met just a few months before. 

So, I know I'm speaking for a lot of people when I say: Miss you, podcast pal. 

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