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Patrick Davis, a University of South Carolina alumnus, wrote a song about Clemson's national championship win. 

University of South Carolina alumnus and Nashville-based singer and guitar player Patrick Davis was feeling pretty blue when he woke up the morning after the college football national championship game to see that Clemson had won.

So, he decided to write a song about it. The result is "Big Ole Cock Blues," a humble ballad in which Davis, of Patrick Davis & His Midnight Choir, pours out his feelings about the win of the Gamecock rival. 

"I got those Clemson-keeps-winning-national-championship blues," he croons in the humorous ode as a way to commiserate with his fellow garnet-and-black die-hards.

"I wrote this lil’ ditty hungover this mornin’ (in about 5 minutes) just to get a laugh from a few of my close Gamecock & Tiger buddies," Davis wrote with the video post. "While I wasn’t gonna post it, my 'big brother' Mark Bryan (of Hootie & the Blowfish) told me it actually made him feel a lil’ better, so I should maybe share it with all my fellow South Carolina Gamecocks (who are undoubtedly feelin’ the same way)."

He relives the good old days among lyrics — the stretch from 2010 to 2014 when the Gamecocks were victorious over the Tigers — and then gets pretty sad about the happenings from then on. (Hint: It hasn't been that great for the University of South Carolina football team since.) 

Davis goes on to say that he posted the video on Facebook and got over 60,000 views in just one day. He uploaded it to YouTube soon after to share his message (and rivalry-based sadness) with a larger audience.

Davis has had nearly 70 of his songs recorded by some esteemed artists, including Jimmy Buffett, Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum and Jewel. He's released four full-length albums and tours extensively with his 11-piece band. 

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