Parents' Guide to New Movies

Cameron Diaz, left, and Tom Cruise in a scene from 'Knight and Day.'

'Knight and Day'

Rating: PG-13 for sequences of action violence throughout, and brief strong language

What it's about: Unsuspecting woman finds herself attracted to a spy who seems to kill an awful lot of people in the line of duty.

The kid attractor factor: Slam-bang action without much blood; Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz at their toothiest.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Watch out for the guy who keeps "bumping" into you.

Violence: Almost, but not quite, constant.

Language: Smidgen of profanity.

Sex: Quite chaste despite the presence of Diaz in a bikini.

Drugs: Tranquilizers, mixed drinks.

Parents' advisory: I didn't count, but this movie has a "Die Hard"-size body count, a little blood, but mostly killing without consequences.

'Jonah Hex'

Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, disturbing images and sexual content

What it's about: A haunted Civil War vet searches for the man who killed his family and branded him in the face.

The kid attractor factor: It's based on a comic book, and it co-stars Megan Fox.

Good lessons/bad lessons: "Dirt likes dead, dead likes dirt." And learning geography is helpful if you're considering a screenwriting career.

Violence: Mayhem, and lots of it.

Language: Clean, considering.

Sex: Megan Fox plays an Old West hooker.

Drugs: A saloon is visited.

Parents' advisory: One of the more violent comic book adaptations, suitable for 11-and-up.