The number of pop-up and annual local music festivals has been expanding rapidly in the Lowcountry.

From the renowned High Water Festival and last year's Bud Light Getaway Festival to smaller endeavors such as the Extra Chill Festival and annual Summer Shindig, the idea of an exclusive, curated music experience has become a staple in the Charleston area. 

And now more are popping up, especially smaller-scale endeavors with a focus on local artists. The newest to join the list is the Cultura Festival, a one-night event put on by Murias Entertainment, The Royal American, Matt Monday's label SWIM, local culture curators Ill Vibe the Tribe and Tawana Tolbert PR & Marketing. 

The local hip-hop festival will feature performances by Matt Monday, Shaniqua McCants, Contour, Abstract That Rapper & Slim Soul, Benny Starr, Niecy Blues, Jah Jr., Anfernee, Nory and DJ Scrib. 

If you know anything about local hip-hop, that's a bangin' lineup right there, featuring everything from some country trap and electronic R&B to soul singing and social justice spitting. 

The Cultura Festival will kick off at 5:30 p.m. April 20 at The Royal American, 970 Morrison Drive. Tickets are $20. They're available now at

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