Zoe Child

Zoe Whittaker produced an album with Susto's Corey Campbell, featuring The High Divers' Julius DeAngelis on drums. 

Zoe Whittaker, under stage name Zoe Child, is a Charleston-based singer/songwriter who teamed up with some local big-name bands after returning from music graduate school in Arizona.

She is producing an album with Susto's Corey Campbell, featuring Julius DeAngelis from The High Divers on drums, and a single from the disc is out now, just in time for a Halloween release. 

"Cowboy" features Whittaker's soothing vocals blended with a country-laced soft rock feel and was influenced by her move from Charleston to Arizona.

"The song was inspired by my move out West, leaving love and memories behind," says Whittaker. "'Cowboy' personifies the wild, adventurous, and passionate love that I believe many of us long for but struggle to hold on to." 

The song, mastered by Vlado Meller at Truphonic Recording Studios, can be streamed on Spotify or Bandcamp. Listen below. 

Find Zoe Child on Facebook at facebook.com/zoechildmusic

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