Katie Rose

Katie Rose is a local singer/songwriter with a powerful, soulful voice. 

Today's music video premiere is by a young Charleston artist who is already living out her dreams by playing shows both near and far. During her most recent tour, Katie Rose Franyo explored the length of the East Coast and beyond, including stops in New York, Chicago and Toronto. 

The soulful singer and piano player from the Lowcountry has a new music video to accompany her song "Take Me Away." Watch below and then read our Q&A. 

Q: You’ve been to some pretty cool places while on tour. What have some of your favorite sights been?

A: I really enjoyed visiting Toronto. They have such a cool vibe there and knowing I was playing out of the States was a really big moment for me. I also loved playing in Chicago and New York City. They’re a common spot to play for a touring artist, but these shows were sold out and nothing beats a City Winery gig with a packed house. So an overall favorite show and moment.

Q: The music video is shot like a old home video and features some great local locations. Why did you decide to go that route? 

A: The song is all about getting away from your problems and just enjoying the good things around you. I wanted it to be authentic and real, so we used real footage of me, my family and friends having a good time and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes you just need to be taken away!

Q: How does your music fit into the Charleston scene particularly and where do you want to see it go?

A: This is a tough question. I don’t quite know where I fit in in this scene. I’ve always felt kind of like the odd one out, but not in a bad way. Everyone in the scene is family and I know I’m accepted, but if you mix in my on-stage bits with just me and my piano, it’s not something common here. I still don’t know where I fit, but I’ll find it eventually.

As for where I want it to go, I would like it to touch as many people as possible. I want to be that person who can provide the content for the quiet person who’s got massive dreams.

Q: Where can people see you next in Charleston?

A: I’m playing the Charleston Music Confab! I’ll be singing some originals (some you haven’t heard yet) at John King on Sept. 1. There’s a really great lineup.

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