A befuddling ending is hardly the only perplexing choice by the filmmakers of "The Turning," the latest update to the 19th-century horror novella "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James, a man we could say is now "turning" in his grave, but we'll spare you the pun.

Guy Ritchie's honor-among-thieves meta-caper "The Gentlemen," with Matthew McConaughey, has all the tailored tweed suits and smoky atmosphere of a handsome scotch commercial. "The Gentlemen" might not be an ad, but Ritchie's film is most assuredly selling something.

But if they could speak, no realm of the animal kingdom, no penguin, parakeet or panda, would have anything good to say about Stephen Gaghan's "Dolittle," a big-budget train wreck in which things go so awry that it can't even be said to be strictly for the dogs.

J.J. Abrams' "Rise of Skywalker" is a scattershot, impatiently paced, fan-servicing finale that repurposes so much of what came before that it feels as though someone searching for the hyperspace button accidentally pressed the spin cycle instead.