The year 2017 was one that most of us won't be forgetting any time soon. In this last Head2Head trivia column of the year, we're taking a look back at some of the events that happened from pop culture to politics. Our newly re-established trivia champ, Ellen Swanson, is back, and her challenger this week is Jess Warner, who is a social media coordinator.


1. "Envelopegate" at the Oscars involved announcing which film as the winner of Best Picture instead of the actual winner, "Moonlight?"

2. What are the names of Beyonce's twins?

3. Who wrote the book "The Handmaid's Tale" that the Hulu TV show was based on?

4. What is the name of Amazon's "intelligent personal assistant?"

5. Which movie over the summer had the biggest opening ever directed by a woman?

6. Which dragon was killed and reanimated by the Night King in "Game of Thrones?"

7. What was the date of the total solar eclipse that mesmerized America?

8. What team did the New England Patriots come from behind to beat in the Super Bowl?

9. A video went viral of a man saving what wild animal from the California fires?

10. The hashtag #MeToo went viral after allegations of sexual harassment came out about which Hollywood power player?

Ellen's answers

Trivia Ellen Swanson  12/28/17

Ellen Swanson

1. I did not watch the Oscars.

2. Honestly, I couldn't even begin to guess.

3. It's Margaret Atwood.

4. Alexa.

5. I didn't see it, but I'd guess "Wonder Woman."

6. I don't know.

7. Aug. 21.

8. Atlanta.

9. A rabbit.

10. Harvey Weinstein.

Jess' answers

Trivia Jess Warner 12/28/17

Trivia Jess Warner

1. It was "La La Land," which I loved.

2. I remember that she posted the news on Instagram?

3. Margaret Atwood.

4. Alexa.

5. "Wonder Woman."

6. Rhaegal, and I'm still mad about it.

7. August, it was late, the 21st I think?

8. The Falcons.

9. It was a bunny, and it restored my faith in humanity.

10. Which one? Lol.


Ellen's time as our Head2Head trivia champ has been challenged in the last couple of contests, but this week she really did meet her match. Jess takes over as our trivia champion and will be back next week to defend her new title.

Correct answers

1. "La La Land"

2. Rumi and Sir

3. Margaret Atwood

4. Alexa

5. "Wonder Woman"

6. Rhaegal

7. Aug. 21

8. Atlanta Falcons

9. Rabbit

10. Harvey Weinstein