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Charleston band Late Night TV will perform at The Royal American on Thursday night. 

This Holy City band decided to stay by the beach instead of head for the hills.

When two prominent band members of indie rock project Late Night TV, Holden Curran and Bow Smith, left for Asheville, N.C., the rest of the crew stayed behind to churn out tunes in the Lowcountry. 

On Thursday, the band will perform at The Royal American, presenting not only a new lineup but a new sound. Lead singer Justin Moffitt talks more about staying in town and the updated sound.

Q: First of all, tell me about how Late Night TV started out? 

A: Tyler Wolfe (drums) and I founded the band as a two-piece. It was our first band ever. 

Q: Why Late Night TV as the name?

A: The name honestly comes from nothing. I don't even watch late night television. I was just looking for the proper noun like every other band in the 2010s.

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Charleston band Late Night TV lost two members to Asheville, N.C., but gained a new bass player. 

Q: Rumor has it that two of your members moved to Asheville. I thought you had made the move too, but you're still here it seems? 

A: That's right. We downsized from a five-piece to a four-piece in May of this year after our lead guitarist (Bow Smith) and bassist (Holden Curran) both moved to Asheville, N.C. We added Bobby Spicer on bass and our synth player, Belvin Olasov, has started playing more lead parts to make up for the loss of Bow.

Bow and Holden are well-known in the music scene, and I can see why people would think the band left with them, especially since we took a hiatus after they left.

Q: What has the lineup switch been like? 

A: Bobby has contributed a lot on bass. He's a really musical fellow, and I think he's helped me become more ambitious with my songwriting. Even though we're down a guitar player, the music has become more atmospheric and instrumental. I'm finally making the style of music that's been in my head for years. I guess, overall, we've just become better with experience. We have our sea legs now.

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: The big goal for a while there was to record something and to record it well. We knocked that one out in May when we released "Good Mourning." Shouts out to Corey Campbell (formerly of Susto, currently of Babe Club) who recorded it. But now we have enough material to do another EP.

Q: So what's the inspo? 

A: I think my principal musical inspiration coming up was my cousin who released music under the name David Elliot. I don't even know the guy, but his father sent my mother the CD back in the day and I'd just lay in bed and listen to it all of the time. It was this ghostly folk, very haunting stuff. Knowing someone related to me could make something like that made me want to pick up music for myself. Unfortunately, at some point, I lost the CD, and when I finally reached out to my cousin to see if I could get another one, he told me that they'd all been lost in a flood. So it goes.

As for more recent inspirations, I've been listening to a lot of Buck Meek. He's the only artist that has gotten me excited in recent years. I think I'm just inspired by moody stuff, which is funny because as of late I've just been making pop songs.

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