50 years after death, Monroe still an icon

Actress Marilyn Monroe is shown in this May 6, 1957, photo released by Christie’s Auction House in New York.

Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. And while she was an icon in life, her legacy has continued on in death in many forms, from Andy Warhol’s silk-screen painting to last year’s film release of “My Week with Marilyn” and beyond.

This week’s Head2Head Trivia is about the original blond bombshell.

Two-time winner Rob Brunson is trying for a third victory, and his opponent is Terri Webber, who works as a part-time bookkeeper.


1. What was her real name before becoming Marilyn Monroe?

2. Name the 1950 film noir directed by John Huston that featured Monroe in a small but critically acclaimed role.

3. In the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” what song does Monroe sing in what is now considered an iconic performance?

4. What did Monroe famously answer when asked what she wore to bed?

5. Which famous baseball player was Monroe’s second husband?

6. In 1953, Monroe appeared on the cover of the first issue of this magazine.

7. Directed by Billy Wilder, this movie starring Monroe was named by the American Film Institute as the greatest American comedy film of all time.

8. Monroe standing over a subway grate with her skirt flying up is a scene from what movie?

9. Monroe sang a sultry version of “Happy Birthday” to what U.S. president?

10. What was the last completed film by Monroe that also starred Clark Gable?


1. Norma Jeane. If you need a last name, I think it was Baker.

2. Not sure I know this one.

3. I believe it’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

4. Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe nothing.

5. That would be Joe DiMaggio.

6. Playboy

7. “Some Like It Hot”

8. Again, not sure what movie it is.

9. JFK

10. I think it was “Misfits.”


1. She was born Norma Jeane something.

2. I know early on she was in “All About Eve.”

3. “Diamond’s are a Girl’s Best Friend”

4. The perfume Chanel No. 5.

5. The one who played for the Yankees. Joe DiMaggio.

6. Playboy magazine.

7. Oh, this is a great movie. “Some Like It Hot.”

8. “The Seven Year Itch”

9. Kennedy

10. “Misfits”


Two-time Head2Head trivia champ Rob couldn’t make it a three-peat against challenger Terri, who easily became our newest contestant to claim the title. Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that Terri had recently read one of the many books published for the anniversary of Monroe’s death. That’s what you call good timing.


1. Norma Jeane Mortenson

2. “The Asphalt Jungle”

3. “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”

4. “Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.”

5. Joe DiMaggio

6. Playboy

7. “Some Like It Hot”

8. “The Seven Year Itch”

9. John F. Kennedy

10. “The Misfits”