Unlock the secrets of Spoleto

2012 Spoleto Festival USA 1927 - The Animals and Children Took to the Streets photo by Nick Flintoff

It’s hard to believe, but it’s again time for Spoleto. One of the biggest arts festivals in the country, it transforms downtown Charleston with 17 days of music, art, theater and dance.

Two-time champ Stacey Akkerman is looking for a third win while her opponent is recent graduate Tyler Williams, who’s off to Europe for the summer.

QUESTIONS 1. When was Spoleto founded in Charleston?

2. Who is the founder of Spoleto?

3. This year’s official poster is based on a painting by what artist?

4. Name the American composer whose 75th birthday is being celebrated with the opera “Kepler.”

5. What theater in Charleston was the first used for public performances in America?

6. Name the four-time Grammy Award-winning vocalist who is making her Spoleto Festival debut this year.

7. “Orchestra Uncaged” will feature the Spoleto Orchestra performing contemporary works by various people, including Jonny Greenwood, who’s a member of what popular British band?

8. What instrument does Jake Shimabukuro play?

9. The play “Hay Fever” will be performed at this year’s Spoleto. Who’s the playwright?

10. Set to traditional spirituals, the piece “Revelations” has been regularly performed since 1960 by which dance troupe?

STACEY’S ANSWERS 1. 1979. Possibly.

2. Menotti. 3. Gosh, I have no clue.

4. I want to say Philip Glass. Think I read that somewhere.

5. Dock Street? 6. k.d. lang! Yay, I already have tickets.

7. Coldplay. 8. Ukulele. 9. I don’t know, but I’ll say Oscar Wilde.

10. Alvin Ailey. Plan on seeing them, too.

TYLER’S ANSWERS 1. Man, my brain is still fried from finals.

2. No idea. 3. Shepard Fairey.

4. Mozart, but obviously that’s not right.

5. The Sottile. Ha. Ha. 6. Norah Jones.

7. Radiohead. Can’t believe I got one.

8. Harmonica. 9. Shakespeare.

10. Is there a Joffrey Ballet somewhere?

CONCLUSION Well, this week’s Spoleto edition of Head2Head trivia wasn’t even close since Stacey won by a landslide. She’ll be back next week in an effort to extend her streak.

For more information on all things Spoleto, go to www.postandcourier.com/spoleto.

CORRECT ANSWERS 1. 1977 2. Gian Carlo Menotti

3. Li Songsong 4. Philip Glass

5. Dock Street Theatre 6. k.d. lang

7. Radiohead 8. Ukulele 9. Noel Coward

10. Alvin Ailey Dance Theater