TV trivia can’t stump contestants

Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison star in a scene from “Sleepy Hollow,” which premiered Sept. 16. Do you know the author of the short story the new series is based on? Look to Answer 3 to see if you’re right.

It’s fall TV season!

Favorite shows are back, and new shows like “Trophy Wife,” “The Originals” (a spin-off of “The Vampire Diaries”) and “The Blacklist” are hoping to find an audience.

So let’s see how well our competitors know their TV trivia.

Last week’s edition of Head2Head ended in a tie so both contestants, Bruce Dodds and Melinda Yoder, are back for Round Two.

1. What television show last season had T-Bone Burnett as its executive music producer?

2. What does “NCIS” stand for?

3. “Sleepy Hollow” is a new show on Fox that is based on the classic short story by which 19th-century writer?

4. Booth and Brennan are the main characters on what long-running show?

5. “Elementary” is a show about what famous literary character?

6. What’s the famous catchphrase on “Hawaii Five-O,” the original and the re-make?

7. What is the name of Jay and Gloria’s baby on “Modern Family” that was born in Season 4?

8. The new “Alice in Wonderland”-based series that takes place in an asylum is a spin-off of what popular show?

9. What TV sitcom features a “jerk” jar? (Note that the show uses another choice word that starts with a “d” and can’t be printed in this family-friendly publication.)

10. What town is “Parks and Recreation” set in?

1. I’m afraid I don’t know.

2. Starts with Naval, I know that much.

3. I believe it’s Washington Irving.

4. Could this be “Bones”?

5. “Sherlock Holmes.” The title’s taken from the famous quotation.

6. “Book ’em, Danno.”

7. I’m afraid I don’t know this either.

8. Maybe “Grimm”?

9. “Happy Endings”

10. Pawnee

1. “Nashville”

2. You know what, I don’t even think I can guess.

3. Poe?

4. “Bones,” a show I love to watch.

5. “Sherlock Holmes”

6. Ugh, I’ve never seen it.

7. Joe

8. “Once Upon a Time”

9. “New Girl”

10. You pretty much hit most of my favorite shows. Pawnee.

It is a tie no longer. In their second match-up, Melinda comes out ahead with her superior knowledge of fall TV shows. She’ll return next week as the Head2Head champ to face a new opponent.

1. “Nashville”

2. Naval Criminal Investigative Service

3. Washington Irving

4. “Bones”

5. “Sherlock Holmes”

6. “Book ’em, Danno”

7. Fulgencio Joseph, though they call him Joe.

8. “Once Upon a Time

9. “New Girl”

10. Pawnee