Trivia takes you out to the ball game

Fenway Park is home to what ball park legend? Look to Question 8 for a clue.

Fall in the South might be all about football, but to millions of baseball fans, October means the start of the postseason, which culminates with the World Series.

This week, Head2Head offers some baseball trivia to celebrate the playoffs.

Current champ Jay Santos, who is taking the semester off and “exploring his options,” is going up against Heather Fuller, who works as a medical assistant.

1. Where is Busch Stadium located?

2. Which baseball player with 755 home runs did Barry Bonds overtake to hold the home run record?

3. Who was the first Major League player to have his number retired?

4. In “Bull Durham,” Susan Sarandon’s character says that the lava lizards of the Galapagos breathe through what?

5. What baseball legend is mentioned in Simon & Garfunkel’s song “Mrs. Robinson”?

6. What player suited up for a record 2,131 games before sitting one out?

7. When did the Chicago Cubs last win the World Series?

8. What ballpark has the legendary Green Monster?

9. Who was the first Major League Baseball player to earn $1 million a year?

10. What comic pair did the famous sketch “Who’s on First?”

1. St. Louis

2. Hank Aaron

3. Babe Ruth

4. Skin

5. Ty Cobb

6. (Contestant chose not to answer.)

7. 1923

8. Fenway

9. Babe Ruth

10. Three Stooges

1. Busch like the beer? I don’t know. Milwaukee?

2. Babe Ruth

3. Ted Williams

4. Eyelids

5. “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?”

6. Oh ... Cal Ripken.

7. A long time ago. I don’t know exactly when though.

8. Fenway Park. At least I know that one.

9. I think it could be Pete Rose.

10. Abbott and Costello

While neither contestant turned out to be an expert in America’s pastime, Heather knew just enough to become the new Head2Head trivia champion. She’ll return next week to face a new opponent.


1. St. Louis, Mo..

2. Hank Aaron

3. Lou Gehrig (No. 4)

4. Their eyelids.

5. Joe DiMaggio

6. Cal Ripken Jr.

7. 1908

8. Fenway Park

9. Nolan Ryan

10. Abbott and Costello