Trivia takes on Tour de France

File/AP The pack takes to the Lautaret pass in the French Alps during the 9th stage of the 2003 Tour de France.

The Tour de France is one of the great sports events in the world.

This year’s Tour began Saturday with the Prologue, a short distance time trial that was won by Swiss rider Fabian Cancellara.

Two men are considered the front-runners to win the Tour: defending champion Cadel Evans of Australia and Brit Bradley Wiggins, who’s had a perfect lead up to the Tour.

Current Head2Head champ Abby Frasier is facing opponent Mike Krenshaw in this weeks Tour de Trivia.

QUESTIONS 1. Who was the first American to win the Tour de France?

2. What is the “maillot jaune?”

3. What is the main body of riders called?

4. Name the country that the Tour began in this year.

5. What American cyclist holds the record for the most Tour de France starts at 17?

6. The Tour inspired the singer of what band to write the song “Bicycle Race” in 1978?

7. What cyclist has won the most Tour stages?

8. Who was the last rider to win 5 consecutive Tours before Lance Armstrong?

9. What is an ITT? 10. Since 1975, the Tour has finished in what city?

ABBY’S ANSWERS 1. Lance Armstrong

2. Yellow bathing suit? 3. The crew.

4. Italy 5. Someone who’s still riding? Um, I don’t know.

6. Oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue! “I want to ride my bicycle ...” Queen.

7. Since the only rider I know of is Lance Armstrong, that’s my answer.

8. I don’t know this answer either.

9. Instant tracking time. And I just made that up.

10. Hey maybe I’ll get one right. Paris, France.

MIKE’S ANSWERS 1. Greg LeMond 2. Yellow jersey. It’s what the current leader of the Tour wears.

3. Peloton 4. Haven’t really been following, but maybe Belgium.

5. Might be George Hincapie. 6. Queen

7. It could be Bernard Hinault, but I’m guessing.

8. The great Spanish rider Miguel Indurain.

9. An individual time trial. 10. Paris

CONCLUSION With nine out of 10 correct, Mike easily won this edition of Head2Head and will return next week to try for two in a row.

The Tour de France wraps up on July 22 with a ceremonial ride into Paris for the overall winner.


2. Yellow Jersey 3. Peloton 4. Belgium

5. George Hincapie 6. Queen 7. Eddy Merckx

8. Miguel Indurain 9. Individual Time Trial

10. Paris