Trivia swings for the fences

Baseball player Lou Gehrig was the first athlete to appear on a Wheaties box, on the back. He also was the first Major League Baseball player to have his number retired.

Does it seem crazy to anyone else that football season has already started? Well, preseason has started, the official season kicks off Sept. 4.

It might be August, but baseball is still in full swing (that was intentional, by the way), so this week's Head2Head Trivia is all about America's favorite pastime.

Our long-time trivia champ, Dana Rutheimer, is being challenged by Josh Wiggins, a graphic designer.

1. Who was the first Major League Baseball player to have his number retired?

2. Where is Wrigley Field located?

3. Whose home run record did Barry Bonds break?

4. What baseball legend was known as "The Kid"?

5. When was the last year the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

6. What baseball legend is mentioned in Simon & Garfunkel's song "Mrs. Robinson"?

7. Who does the designated hitter replace at bat?

8. What comic pair did the famous sketch "Who's on First?"

9. Who holds the highest career batting average of all time?

10. What team did Babe Ruth play for before joining the Boston Red Sox?

1. I'm going with Babe Ruth.

2. It's in Chicago.

3. Wasn't it Hank Aaron?

4. Now this one I have no idea about.

5. I know it's supposed to be a really long time ... 1922?

6. Oh, I'm trying to remember the line in the song. Joe DiMaggio.

7. The catcher?

8. Abbott and Costello

9. Seriously, this baseball trivia is not my forte.

10. The Yankees ... or was it the Yankees after?

1. Lou Gehrig. For obvious reasons.

2. Chicago

3. Hank Aaron

4. Ted Williams, also known as "The Splendid Splinter."

5. My dad's a Cubs fan, so 1908 is burned in our brains.

6. Joe DiMaggio

7. The pitcher.

8. Abbott and Costello

9. I'm 90 percent sure it's Ty Cobb.

10. Think he came from the Orioles and then left the Red Sox for the Yankees.

It didn't seem like it would ever happen, but Head2Head has a new champion. Dana, who was a trivia whiz in so many subjects, just couldn't pull off a victory with this one. So it's Josh who will be defending his new title next week against a new opponent.

1. Lou Gehrig

2. Chicago

3. Hank Aaron

4. Ted Williams

5. 1908

6. Joe DiMaggio

7. Pitcher

8. Abbott and Costello

9. Ty Cobb

10. Baltimore Orioles