Trivia returns to the ’80s

Sony Corp.’s first cassette tape player forever changed how we listen to music. Name that device.

Head2Head is not claiming to have watched The CW network’s “The Carrie Diaries,” a prequel to HBO’s “Sex and the City.” But the idea of it has made us nostalgic for the decade it is set in: the 1980s.

With its “Brat Pack” movies, awesome fashion trends (shoulder pads, stirrup pants, leg warmers ... need we say more) and a song about wearing sunglasses at night, it’s definitely time to revisit the ’80s.

Current trivia champ Randy Chase is being challenged by office manager Colleen Myers.

1. Which of the following movies was not directed by John Hughes: “Pretty in Pink,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Say Anything” or “Weird Science”?

2. What is the name of the Care Bears’ home in the clouds?

3. Sony introduced a portable cassette player in the ’80s that changed the way people listened to music. What was it called?

4. Who were the parents on the TV show “Family Ties”?

5. What ’80s soda had “twice the caffeine” as other sodas on the market?

6. Who of the following was not an original MTV VJ: Nina Blackwood, Adam Curry, Martha Quinn or Alan Hunter?

7. What late ’80s pop sensation had their Grammy revoked for not singing the vocals on their album?

8. In a speech in Berlin in 1987, who said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”?

9. What video game launched in 1984 was named by Electronic Gaming Monthly in its 100th issue as the best of all time?

10. What ’80s accessory came in a bunch of different designs, were worn two or three at a time, had its own accessory called a “guard” and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year?

1. “Weird Science”

2. I don’t even know who Care Bears are.

3. A Walkman.

4. I’m blanking.

5. Has Red Bull been around since then?

6. Nina Blackwood

7. Wasn’t it the two guys in Milli Vanilli?

8. President Reagan

9. Pac-Man

10. Leg warmers

1. Cameron Crowe directed “Say Anything,” so that one.

2. I raised kids in the ’80s so I actually know this. It was called Care-a-Lot.

3. The Walkman.

4. Steven and Elyse Keaton. I can name the kids, too.

5. I forgot all about Jolt.

6. Adam Curry. He came later.

7. Milli Vanilli

8. Ronald Reagan

9. I’m torn between Pac-Man and Tetris. I can’t decide.

10. Swatch Watch

Colleen proved to be a master of all things ’80s, falling just short of having a perfect score. She’ll return next week in an attempt to hold on to her Head2Head trivia champ title.

1. “Say Anything”

2. Care-a-Lot

3. Walkman

4. Elyse and Steven Keaton, played by Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross

5. Jolt

6. Adam Curry

7. Milli Vanilli

8. President Ronald Reagan

9. Tetris

10. Swatch Watch