It’s time again for the annual Scottish Games and Highland Gathering, which will be celebrating its 42nd year at Boone Hall Plantation on Saturday.

For those of Scottish descent, it’s a family reunion of sorts as various clans are represented, each differentiated by the clan’s individual tartan. There’s also competitions, dancing, bagpipes and even haggis.

Our current Head2Head champion, Bruce Dodds, who works as a sales rep, is being challenged by Melinda Yoder, who is visiting Charleston from South Bend, Ind.

1. What was captured by Edward I in 1296 as “spoils of war” and only returned back to Scotland in 1996?

2. This Scottish folk hero and outlaw was immortalized in an 1817 novel as well as a 1995 movie starring Liam Neeson.

3. What year was the Battle of Culloden?

4. What is the name of the long, tapered pole that contestants toss during the Scottish Games?

5. What Scottish poet wrote “Auld Lang Syne”?

6. The inspiration for Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” who murdered King Duncan I in the 11th century, had a castle in this Highland city.

7. What is the name of the purple flowering plant found throughout the Highlands that has been used as fabric dye and a major ingredient for a type of honey and beer?

8. One of the largest Scottish games and gatherings, drawing about 30,000 people, occurs at what North Carolina mountain?

9. Historically, when members of a clan went “reiving,” what was their goal?

10. What is the ancient Celtic language that is still spoken in parts of Scotland?

1. A crown.

2. William Wallace?

3. I believe it was in 1764.

4. A log.

5. Robert Burns

6. I’m afraid I’m not good at geography. Is Glasgow in the highlands?

7. I think it might be heather.

8. Grandfather

9. Stealing livestock.

10. Gaelic

1. Bones of a Scottish saint.

2. Rob Roy

3. Eighteenth century.

4. No idea.

5. Robert Burns, only because he’s the only one I know.

6. Aberdeen

7. Heather

8. Mount Mitchell

9. Taking another clan’s cattle.

10. Gaelic

Neither of our contestants could be considered an expert on Scottish history, but they each knew enough to result in a tie. Both Dodds and Yoder will return in next week’s tie-breaker to determine who will be the Head2Head champion.

1. The Stone of Scone

2. Rob Roy

3. 1746

4. Caber

5. Robert Burns

6. Inverness

7. Heather

8. Grandfather Mountain

9. To steal cattle

10. Gaelic