Trivia goes for gold

The Olympic rings hang from the iconic Tower Bridge over the river Thames in London awaiting the start of the 2012 Summer Games.

The Olympics are here!

On Friday, the opening ceremonies will kick off the 2012 Summer Games being held in London, which will continue for the next several weeks. Seems like a good time for some Olympics-themed trivia.

Current Head2Head trivia champ Rob Brunson is being challenged by retail associate Caitlyn Murray.


1. Which came first, the Summer or the Winter Olympics?

2. What year did London last host the Summer Olympics?

3. In the opening ceremony procession of athletes, what country always goes first?

4. Five countries have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games. Name two.

5. The 1928 Games in Amsterdam were the first to have official sponsorship by what company?

6. The 1980 Games were boycotted by 60-plus nations, including the United States, Canada, West Germany and Japan. Where were the Games held that year?

7. What nickname was given to the 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team that won a gold medal in Barcelona?

8. What female gymnast was the first American to win the Olympic all-around medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Games?

9. Who holds the record for the most gold medals won in a single Olympics?

10. Which of the following sports is not part of the current Olympic program: handball, badminton, lacrosse or archery?


1. I’m going with summer.

2. Not sure. Sometime in the ’30s?

3. Since they originally started in Greece, I’ll say that country.

4. Greece for sure. And probably Great Britain.

5. Heineken

6. I think they were in Moscow.

7. Dream Team

8. Mary Lou Retton

9. Michael Phelps, who’s just going to add to his haul in London.

10. Handball?


1. Summer

2. 1960

3. The host country.

4. France and Greece.

5. I don’t know.

6. What used to be called East Germany.

7. The Dream Team

8. Mary Lou Retton

9. I think it might be Michael Phelps.

10. Lacrosse. Maybe.


Rob makes it two in a row with a narrow lead and will return next week in an attempt at a third win. In the meantime, the 2012 Olympics will be broadcast by NBC. Check local listings for more information.


1. Summer

2. 1948

3. Greece

4. Greece, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Australia

5. Coca-Cola

6. Moscow

7. Dream Team

8. Mary Lou Retton

9. Michael Phelps

10. Lacrosse

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