Trivia gives you last dose of summer

Do you know what the bikini was named for? See Answer 1 to find out if you’re right.

With kids back in school and Labor Day in our rear view mirror, most people are thinking autumn these days.

Summer, though, doesn’t officially end for a couple of weeks, so this week’s trivia is for all those who prefer bathing suits and beaches to sweaters and shorter days.

Our current Head2Head trivia champ is Erica McCall, who is new to the area, is taking on Bruce Dodds, who works as a sales rep.

1. What was the bikini named for?

2. What summer food did first lady Dolley Madison introduce to White House guests?

3. Where is the world’s tallest roller coaster (456 feet) located?

4. Death Valley, Calif., holds the record for the hottest summer day in U.S. history. How hot did it get?

5. What is the only stadium in Major League Baseball where sausages outsell hot dogs?

6. Where were fireworks invented?

7. What was the first year that kids attended a summer camp in America?

8. In 1966, director Bruce Brown followed two surfers on a surf trip around the world in what classic film?

9. In the summer, this slim peninsula off the East Coast is more celebrity-saturated than any other part of America’s coastline. Where is it?

10. How many leaves does poison ivy have?

1. Um, I don’t know.

2. Watermelon?

3. Texas

4. 160 degrees

5. Where the New York Mets play.

6. I think it’s probably China.

7. 1920s?

8. “The Endless Summer”

9. Um, maybe the Hamptons?

10. It’s three, right?

1. Strangely, it’s named for an atoll in the Pacific, I think, named Bikini.

2. I believe it was ice cream.

3. Might be the amusement park in New Jersey. Six Flags, isn’t it?

4. I can hazard a guess: 146.

5. Is it someplace with a sizeable Polish population?

6. China, mainly because they also invented gunpowder.

7. Nineteenth century, but I can’t get more specific than that.

8. “Endless Summer.” Got it on a T-shirt.

9. Palm Beach?

10. Three

Head2Head has a new champ this week as Bruce cruised to victory over Erica. He’ll be back next week to take on a new challenger.

1. Bikini Atoll

2. Ice cream

3. Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey

4. 134 degrees

5. Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wis.

6. China

7. 1861

8. “The Endless Summer”

9. The Hamptons

10. Three