Trivia gets real

"You're fired!" Businessman Donald Trump fires a contestant from his hit reality show "The Apprentice." For many viewers, that cringe moment was the show's highlight.

Reality TV shows are polarizing, which is kind of the point: to get people talking about what crazy thing happened last night on any given show.

The Charleston-based show "Southern Charm," which aired its Season 1 finale Monday night, is no exception, drawing the ire of many locals while providing lots of water cooler conversation.

This week, we dive into reality TV trivia with our reigning champ Tara O'Neill and challenger Allie Geary, who works part-time.

1. On which reality TV show's first season was Richard Hatch a contestant?

2. Puck was an infamous member of which MTV "The Real World" cast?

3. Who was the first "American Idol" winner?

4. Which program is older, "The Bachelor" or "America's Next Top Model"?

5. What does Heidi Klum tell every eliminated contestant on "Project Runway"?

6. What show has roadblocks and pit stops?

7. Where was the first "Real Housewives" series set?

8. Which Kardashian is older, Kim or Kourtney?

9. What was Donald Trump's famous line on "The Apprentice"?

10. Who was the winner of last season's "Dancing With the Stars"?

1. Oh, that's the guy who went to jail. Wasn't he on "Survivor"?

2. It was one of the early ones, like Seattle.

3. Kelly Clarkson, right?

4. I'm guessing with this one because I haven't watched either show: "America's Next Top Model."

5. "Get off the runway?" I don't know.

6. This at least sounds familiar ...

7. Los Angeles

8. Kourtney maybe.

9. "You're fired." That at least I know.

10. Yet another show I don't watch.

1. I've never heard of him.

2. I'm too young to have watched it, but it's San Francisco.

3. Kelly Clarkson

4. Oh! Tough one. Have to go with "The Bachelor."

5. "Auf wiedersehen." It's German for goodbye, which makes sense because she's German.

6. "The Amazing Race"

7. The Orange County one.

8. It's Kourtney, then Kim then Khloe.

9. "You're fired!"

10. I think Amber Riley, the girl from "Glee," is still the newest champion.

Our reigning Head2Head champion finally met her match. We'd like to thank Tara for being a great competitor, and we'll see Allie next week as she defends her crown against a new challenger.

1. "Survivor"

2. San Francisco

3. Kelly Clarkson

4. "The Bachelor"

5. "Auf wiedersehen."

6. "The Amazing Race"

7. Orange County

8. Kourtney

9. "You're fired!"

10. Amber Riley