Trivia dishes up tasty questions

Do you know what S.N.O.B. stands for? Look to Answer 3, or to the photo, to see if you’re correct.

For those of you who haven’t taken advantage of Charleston Restaurant Week yet, the biannual event ends on Sunday.

So what are you waiting for?

With more than 140 participating restaurants, there’s definitely something for everyone, whether its seafood, steak, ethnic cuisine or Southern fare.

The event, put on by the Greater Charleston Restaurant Association, offers a great opportunity to try a new eatery or revisit an old favorite.

For a full listing of participating restaurants, go to

Current champ Bruce Dodds, who works as a sales rep, is going up against Rob Shultz, a payroll administrator.

1. Which King Street restaurant is named for a type of apple?

2. What downtown restaurant is named after a local dog?

3. What does S.N.O.B. stand for?

4. Which restaurant is located on the grounds of the Wentworth Mansion?

5. A participating restaurant is named for what local attraction that’s believed to be almost five hundred years old?

6. 39 Rue de Jean is on what street?

7. What hotel is the Barbadoes Room located in?

8. Name the downtown restaurant where you can also play skee ball and classic arcade games.

9. A participating restaurant shares a name with which Greek god. What is it?

10. Where can you find Jasmine Porch and The Ocean Room?

1. I believe it’s Macintosh.

2. Could it be Parson Jack’s?

3. Slightly North of Broad

4. I really have no clue.

5. 500? Well, then it’s probably Angel Oak.

6. The giveaway is in the restaurant name, so, obviously, John Street.

7. The Mills House

8. I don’t know.

9. Zeus, maybe.

10. On Kiawah, at The Sanctuary, if you need me to be that specific.

1. Macintosh, isn’t it? Right on King Street.

2. Don’t know this one.

3. Slightly North of Broad

4. Know there’s one there but can’t think what it is.

5. Angel Oak

6. Somewhere downtown, I know that.

7. Swamp Fox?

8. Only place that comes to mind is The Alley on Columbus.

9. Athena. I’m guessing.

10. Wild Dunes

Bruce makes it two in a row and will return next week in an effort to make it a three-peat.

1. The Macintosh

2. Poogan’s Porch

3. Slightly North of Broad

4. Circa 1886

5. Angel Oak

6. John Street

7. The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel

8. The Alley’s Home Team Kitchen

9. Zeus (Grill and Seafood)

10. The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort