Trivia digs into some of history's famous firsts

Do you know what was the first national park? Here's a hint: It's home to Old Faithful.

This week's trivia is about historical firsts, a theme that Head2Head likes to revisit on occasion.

Our current champion is Dana Rutheimer, who has held onto the title for a month now and is looking to extend her streak. The challenger this week is B.J. Kaplan, who works at a bank.


1. Who was the first woman to appear on a U.S. postage stamp?

2. What was the first American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

3. What was the first national park?

4. What was the first album by The Beatles?

5. Who was the first U.S. president to die while in office?

6. What was Ernest Hemingway's first published novel?

7. What disease was the first vaccine ever developed for?

8. What city had the first subway system in the world?

9. Who was the first American in space?

10. Who was the first guest host of "Saturday Night Live"?


1. This is probably wrong, but Eleanor Roosevelt.

2. Another Roosevelt, this time Theodore.

3. I'm deciding between Yellowstone and Yosemite ... I'll go with the first.

4. "Abbey Road"?

5. Abraham Lincoln, even though I'm pretty sure there was an earlier president.

6. "Farewell to Arms"

7. Edward Jenner's smallpox.

8. I'm pretty sure it's London.

9. Buzz Aldrin

10. John Belushi


1. Betsy Ross

2. MLK

3. Thinking it's Yellowstone.

4. "The White Album"

5. Lincoln

6. "Old Man and the Sea"

7. Measles

8. Paris

9. Neil Armstrong

10. Steve Martin


Dana pulled off another win to add to her string of victories as Head2Head champ. She'll return next week to see if she can keep the streak going against a new challenger.


1. Queen Isabella

2. Theodore Roosevelt

3. Yellowstone

4. "Please Please Me"

5. William Henry Harrison

6. "The Sun Also Rises"

7. Smallpox

8. London

9. Alan Shepard

10. George Carlin