Think Cupid is stupid? Join the club at the Bitterness Bash

Bay Street Biergarten will host a Bitterness Bash as a sort of Valentine’s Day protest this weekend.

Maybe you’ve accepted the single life after one-too-many bad dates this year, or you’re tired of swiping through dating apps in search of a soul mate. Or perhaps you’re still nursing a nasty heartbreak. Whatever your reason for boycotting Valentine’s Day this weekend, you’re certainly not alone. Find a like-minded crowd at the Bay Street Biergarten on Friday for the annual Bitterness Bash, co-hosted by Courtney Starr, a local radio personality from 103.5 the WEZL and Y102.5. If you’re still clinging to your ex’s stuff, you can get rid of the extra baggage by donating it to the Goodwill drive on-site in exchange for $5 in bar cash. DJ Natty Heavy will spin the music, and there will be several drink specials and games throughout the evening.

When: 10 p.m. Friday

Where: 549 East Bay St.

Price: Free

More info: 843-266-2437