The fangs come out for ‘True Blood’ trivia

Stephen Moyer stars in “True Blood,” which premiered its sixth season on Sunday.

John P. Johnson

Sunday night was the season six premiere of “True Blood,” which revolves around Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse and her relationships with things that go bump in the night, mainly vampires and werewolves.

While the book series was recently brought to its conclusion, the TV show continues to go its own way into some pretty crazy directions, which, as fans of the show know, is to be expected.

This week’s question and answer session revolves around the HBO series.

Current trivia champ Kevin Newby is being challenged by executive assistant Virginia Carey.

1. Who wrote the book series that the TV show is based on?

2. What is the name of the town Sookie Stackhouse lives in?

3. Which Bon Temps family is descended from Bill?

4. What is the name of the vampire bar that Eric owns in Shreveport?

5. What type of metal can be used to restrain vampires?

6. Russell Edgington was the king of what state?

7. Who is Eric’s maker?

8. Which of the following supernatural creatures have not appeared in the show — yet: fairies, zombies, witches or ghosts?

9. Sookie discovers she’s only part human. What else is she?

10. What does a vampire need in order to enter your home?

1. I know it’s not Laurell K. Hamilton, but that’s the only name that comes to mind.

2. It’s Bon Temps.

3. Andy Bellefleur’s family.

4. Fangtasia

5. Silver

6. One of the southern states. Alabama?

7. Godric

8. Zombies. I get enough of them in “The Walking Dead.”

9. She’s half fairy.

10. Someone needs to invite them in.

1. Charlaine Harris. I read the first couple when the show started.

2. Bon Temps in Louisiana. I’m pretty sure it’s fictional.

3. The Bellefleurs. Andy’s the sheriff.

4. Fangtasia. It’s where Pam works.

5. Silver. Really painful to vampires.

6. Mississippi. He’s really creepy.

7. Godric. I think they were Vikings.

8. So far no zombies.

9. She finds out she has fairy blood.

10. They have to be invited by the person who lives there.

What a close outcome. Who knew both contestants were such fans of the show? For the second week in a row we’ve had someone score a perfect 10, which means the Head2Head title has passed yet again to a new champion. Virginia will return next week to compete again.

1. Charlaine Harris

2. Bon Temps

3. The Bellefleurs

4. Fangtasia

5. Silver

6. Mississippi

7. Godric

8. Zombies

9. Fairy

10. An invitation