The charmed life

Trevor McKinney

Love it or hate it, the show “Southern Charm,” now in its second season, has caused a stir among locals. With everyone from the mayor (who doesn’t watch but receives reports) on down weighing in, each episode provides plenty of water cooler conversation for the morning after. Our current Head2Head champ is Meg Johnson, and her opponent is Trevor McKinney a law school student.


1. Thomas Ravenel has been involved in state government and was elected to which position?

2. Cameran Eubanks is no stranger to reality TV. What other show has she been on?

3. Landon Clements is divorced from James Maby who was previously married to which actress from the movie “Clueless?”

4. Which former vice president of the United States is Kathryn Dennis descended from?

5. Where did Shep Rose grow up?

6. What is the name of Thomas and Kathryn’s baby?

7. Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mother is also featured on the show. What is her name?

8. What cast member from season one does not appear in the current season?

9. What political office was Thomas Ravenel running for last fall?

10. What TV network is “Southern Charm” on?


1. Lt. Governor.

2. “Real Housewives.”

3. Alicia Silverstone.

4. John Adams.

5. Goose Creek.

6. Thomas, Jr.

7. No idea.

8. All of them?

9. Representative.

10. MTV.


1. Is there a handicap for people who have never seen the show?

2. “Survivor.”

3. The one who died.

4. Dan Quayle.

5. Queens.

6. Have I mentioned that I haven’t watched this before?

7. ‘Cause I really don’t know any of these answers.

8. (Shakes his head).

9. Oh hey, one I think I know. Wasn’t it against Lindsay Graham? So, for the Senate seat.

10. Bravo, maybe?


Is it obvious that our contestants were pretty clueless about the show “Southern Charm”? But here at Head2Head trivia, it’s not what you know, it’s that you know more than your opponent. So, our new champion is Trevor, who will take on a new contestant next week and, probably to his relief, a new theme as well.


1. State Treasurer

2. MTV’s “Real World”

3. Stacey Dash

4. John C. Calhoun

5. Hilton Head

6. Kensington

7. Patricia Altschul

8. Jenna

9. U.S. senator

10. Bravo