Take a gamble on random questions

The 50th anniversary of Barbie is commemorated with a lineup of dolls, starting with the first Barbie in original black-and-white swimsuit. A model (left) wears a design by Rachel Roy in the first Barbie runway show during the 2009 Fashion Week in New York, where 50 designers created unique looks to celebrate Barbie’s 50th anniversary.

After a string of themes, Head2Head is going back to basics with completely random, totally unrelated trivia.

Sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a bit.

Current, longtime champ Sara Villarreal is taking a trivia sabbatical so, once again, we have two new contestants.

Jenna Byers is a Chicago native who’s in the process of relocating to Charleston and Greg Martin works on a cruise ship.

QUESTIONS 1. According to Mattel, her manufacturer, what is Barbie’s last name?

2. How many James Bond movie titles have just one word in the title?

3. How many quarts of water could fit in a gallon tank?

4. What country took the name Myanmar officially in 1989?

5. Which singer “ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more?”

6. In which state would you find Fort Knox?

7. Which 20th-century president and vice president was not elected to either office?

8. The Dutch East Indies have become known as what?

9. Crick, Watson and Wilkins determined the structure of what?

10. What game was created by French mathematician Blaise Pascal when he was doing experiments into perpetual motion?

JENNA’S ANSWERS 1. Something generic, like Roberts.

2. Seven? No, three. 3. Four 4. Burma

5. Bob Dylan 6. Tennessee? 7. Gerald Ford

8. French Polynesia 9. DNA 10. Kick ball

GREG’S ANSWERS 1. Jones 2. Five

3. Two 4. Don’t know. 5. Willie Nelson

6. Kentucky 7. Ford 8. The Philippines

9. The atom 10. Slots CONCLUSION

With a lucky guess for question No. 1 (“Roberts is right? Really? What I mean is, of course I knew that.”), Jenna becomes the new Head2Head trivia champ. She’ll face Sara in another championship round. As you can imagine, the suspense is killing her.

CORRECT ANSWERS 1. Roberts 2. Five

3. Four 4. Burma 5. Bob Dylan

6. Kentucky 7. Gerald Ford 8. Indonesia

9. DNA 10. Roulette