Taco truck offers some sure-f ire hits

The cow tongue, chicharron, pork and beef tacos from Mac Taco.

So I’ve got this pal, a husky friend in the construction business, who has made it his personal mission to unearth every hole-in-the-wall cantina or taco truck worth visiting.

When he speaks, I listen. And where he recommends, I go.

Which is how we found ourselves at the Mac Taco truck.

The truck is parked in the same lot as Tammy’s Nail Supply, a block over from the RJ Washington State Farm agency on Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston.

This is no fancy food truck, mind you. It’s not stylish or embossed with a sassy logo. But then, it doesn’t have to be.

It just has to continue cranking out authentic tacos made from beef, pork, chicharron, cow tongue and cow cheek, all of which are capped with finely chopped white onions and fresh cilantro, then heaped upon handmade tortillas and served with radishes and cucumber.

Sure, they may be a tad on the small side. But they cost only $1 each, making for a pretty cheap lunch (or dinner).

The dense cow tongue tacos are an acquired taste; the same for the tubular chunks of chicharron. But the ones made from thin layers of pork and simmered beef are surefire hits.

The chicken tostada is another favorite, dressed up like a small pie, beginning with a layer of black beans and shredded, moist chicken, cheese and green sauce, all placed on a fried tortilla.

Among other choices: deep fried tacos, empanadas, burritos, enchiladas suizas, nachos, quesadillas and chicken sopes.

Mac Taco also blends a terrific horchata ($1.50), the 16-ounce tasty treat made from rice and cinnamon. The sugary, milky beverage goes down like a dessert, hinting at notes of vanilla. It’s seriously good and worth repeat visits alone.