Strike a pose

Princess Diana was one of the most iconic women in history, so it should come as no surprise that she graced the cover of People magazine more than anyone else.

Despite the ever-growing popularity of blogs and things like Reddit and Tumblr, magazines still have a place in the world.

Many readers still eagerly await the much anticipated September fashion issues, and who hasn't grabbed the latest issue of US Weekly while waiting in line at the grocery store?

This week, Head2Head takes a look at some popular magazines and who they've featured on their covers over the years. Our current champ, Sam Maloney, is being challenged by bank teller Tonya Jones.

1. Who was the first Person of the Year (formerly Man of the Year) featured on Time magazine's cover in 1927?

2. Who was the first woman on the cover of Rolling Stone?

3. Which individual athlete has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated the most times?

4. The June 11, 1973, issues of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated all featured the same cover subject. Who was it?

5. Who had the most People magazine covers?

6. Who was the first African-American model to be given the cover of Vogue Magazine?

7. Four athletes appeared on the cover of ESPN's first issue in 1998. Name one of them?

8. Considered one of Vanity Fair's most controversial covers, it featured a photo of which nude, pregnant celebrity?

9. Who was on the cover of Playboy's debut issue?

10. In 1999, who was the individual that Time magazine honored as its Person of the Century on the cover?

1. No clue.

2. Stevie Nicks

3. Michael Jordan

4. No clue.

5. Julia Roberts

6. Can't think of her name. Married to David Bowie.

7. Peyton Manning

8. No clue.

9. Pamela Anderson

10. Hitler

1. Orson Welles

2. Not sure, but I think Janis Joplin is a pretty decent guess.

3. Michael Jordan

4. The president playing golf?

5. Have to go with Princess Diana here.

6. Naomi Campbell

7. Tiger Woods

8. Oh yeah, that was Demi Moore. I remember that.

9. I think I heard once it was Marilyn Monroe.

10. Winston Churchill

For the second week in a row, Head2Head has a new winner. Tonya will return next week to defend her title.


1. Charles Lindbergh

2. Tina Turner

3. Michael Jordan

4. Secretariat

5. Princess Diana

6. Beverly Johnson

7. Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Kordell Stewart, Eric Lindros

8. Demi Moore

9. Marilyn Monroe

10. Albert Einstein