Start off 2014 with New Year's trivia

The Rose Parade is the most-watched New Year's Day parade.

Hard to believe another year has gone by when it feels like 2013 just began.

New Year's is all about a fresh start, resolutions and endless possibilities. So here's to a wonderful 2014.

Current Head2Head Trivia champ Emily Kim, a student, is being challenged by Bridget Perkins who works as an executive assistant.

1. What does "Auld Lang Syne" mean?

2. What is the month of January named for?

3. Which calendar uses animals to mark years?

4. What year was the first New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square?

5. What is the Jewish New Year called?

6. What is the most watched parade on New Year's Day?

7. In 1751, the British Calendar Act established Jan. 1 as the beginning of the year. What was it before?

8. What year was the first Baby Boomer born in?

9. What ancient civilization was the first to celebrate New Year's as a holiday?

10. What sign in the Zodiac does Jan. 1 fall under?

1. I'm pretty sure it's about time passing or something like that.

2. The Roman god Janus.

3. Chinese

4. Oh my gosh, I have no idea, but I'll just guess a year: 1920.

5. Isn't it Rosh Hashanah?

6. A football parade.

7. This is a guess, as well: Oct. 15.

8. After WWII, so 1946?

9. Persian

10. My sister's birthday is Jan. 3, and she's a Capricorn, so Capricorn.

1. I've always wondered.

2. Greek god?

3. The Chinese.

4. I couldn't tell you.

5. Rosh Hashanah

6. Maybe one for the Bowl games.

7. July 1

8. 1940

9. Egyptian

10. I think that's probably Capricorn.

Emily pulls off her second Head2Head victory in a contest where neither contestant knew many answers. What matters most, though, is knowing more than your opponent. We'll see Emily in the New Year for another round of Head2Head Trivia. Have a happy and safe New Year's!

1. "Times gone by"

2. Janus, the Roman god of doors.

3. Chinese

4. 1907

5. Rosh Hashanah

6. The Tournament of Roses Parade

7. March 25

8. 1946

9. Babylon

10. Capricorn