Southerners shouldn’t be stumped on this one

File/AP The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine. Do you know which Georgia mountain it starts on?

This week’s trivia is all about the South, except completely random. And consider yourself warned, some of the questions are slightly odd.

New Head2Head champ Meg Lawrence is taking on day care worker Katy Miller.


1. What city was named for an Elizabethan explorer despite the failure of his sponsored settlement of Roanoke Colony?

2. Whose 1948 presidential campaign had the slogan “Vote Dixiecrat?”

3. The Appalachian Trail starts on what Georgia mountain?

4. How many states border Tennessee?

5. In what Southern state is it illegal to remarry the same man four times?

6. Which Southern state is known as the “Birthplace of a Nation?”

7. Where was Elvis Presley born?

8. What is the oldest state university in the United States?

9. What year did South Carolina become a state?

10. What Southern state has a monument to the boll weevil?


1. It’s Raleigh, and I only know this because I was recently there.

2. Could’ve been Strom Thurmond.

3. I think it’s Springer.

4. Let’s see, I’m trying to visualize them in my head. Seven ... no, eight.

5. None? Ha ha. Just joking.

6. Virginia

7. It’s either Memphis or Tupelo, but I don’t think he was born in the same place as Graceland so my answer is the second one.

8. USC

9. I should know this, having lived here most of my life. Is it 1786?

10. Oh, I’m going to go with Mississippi on this one.


1. Raleigh

2. McCarthy

3. Mount Mitchell

4. Eight

5. West Virginia

6. Virginia

7. Birmingham

8. Is it Virginia again?

9. 1789

10. Arkansas


Meg holds on to the Head2Head title for the second week in a row. She’ll return next week to attempt a third win.


1. Raleigh, named for Sir Walter Raleigh

2. Strom Thurmond

3. Springer Mountain

4. 8 (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia)

5. Kentucky

6. Virginia

7. Tupelo, Miss.

8. University of North Carolina

9. 1788, becoming the eighth state

10. Alabama